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my ie8 is dead need advice to get new one

  1. rahxfeng
     The left ear tip sleeve tube of my ie8 broke. I don't know how it could happen.It seems that it is difficult to fix by glue. Do you have the same experience before?I found some posts that complain se530 and um have the same problem (easy to break). [​IMG]
      Until it is fixed i need another pair of earphone. any suggestions?I listen to different genres(mainly pop and jazz). My source is iphone. I am also wondering if i should move on and get a portable headphone which gives me better sound and it lasts longer (I believe).
  2. Ince
    Same thing happen to my IE8, I just could not place it back in position so I had decided to get a new IEM and got the GR07 and I really like it, it has a brighter trebles and deeper bass but sounds less warmer then the IE8.  
  3. Akyama Mio
    I think GR07 may be not that good in bass and could not provide strong feeling of ryhthm, especially for listening to pop and jazz which calls for relatively strong bass.
    Perhaps monster turbine copper is a better choice.
  4. swimcoleby
    i am concidering selling my ie8... feel free to pm me if interested.......

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