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My headphone journey is coming to a near end (for now)....

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  1. wink
    ....that much, and a little bit more....... :ksc75smile:
  2. wuwhere Contributor
  3. wink
    You could always go for the economy version.....

  4. wuwhere Contributor
    to go fishing

  5. Redcarmoose
    I like your attitude. As time passes sometimes we look around gaining a paradigm shift in goals. This is great common sense. I’m almost where you are in my purchasing curve, and it’s a nice feeling. It’s a feeling of contentment like a warm fire and has a level of peace. Congratulations!
  6. wink
    Live, purchase, enjoy....
  7. wuwhere Contributor
    Buy more, this hobby has no end...
  8. wink
    It needs more coffee......

  9. wuwhere Contributor
    Your way...

  10. wink
    Is this curtains for this thread....?
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  11. wuwhere Contributor
    ^^^^ no words ^^^
  12. wink
    Edit applied
  13. 1TrickPony
    Are you near your end with the dm6? Like in all seriousness, are they good at the Midfi level? Tia.
  14. wink
    If you like them, they;re good.
    If you don't like them they're no good no matter what the cost......
  15. Redcarmoose
    I’m at the end due to the Z7 full-size and Z1R-full-size, IER-Z1R IEM, DM6 and Encore. Along with the ancillary gear. It’s like I’m getting off the train. I don’t care anymore. I have all the sound quality and different sound I want. The DM6 is a overall 5 in comparison to the $2000 IER-Z1R. But if you called the IER-Z1R a 10, the 5 is amazingly great for $199 or less. In a month the DM7 arrives and it’s said to be more complete than the DM6. Let me put it this way, I have singularly listened to my black pair of DM6 IEMs only for the last three days?

    They are just laying around and I grab them. Where something like the Encore at $1800 is not as well rounded in my day to day use. The IER-Z1R, I’m sometimes nervous using late at night, falling asleep and stuff.

    So in a way the DM6 is like the perfect beater IEM, covers all bases and fits great, feels great and sounds great. Also if I ever damaged it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    Lol.....I love the DM6!

    But yes, I just have enough gear. If someone just had the DM6, or maybe the DM7 ( we will see soon) and a DAP like the Sony 1A, it’s detailed enough and musical enough to engage you in the music. A person could retire from Head-Fi? But remember this stuff is totally personal and depends on the emotion of the listener!

    It doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as the music has a level of involvement which has you not wanting more equipment.

    When people keep buying, it’s due to curiosity.... that there could be a stone unturned or even more happiness to be randomly found.

    We found out years ago that better IEMs or headphones make us more happy.

    So once the human mind figures that out, curiosity says maybe more money gets you a more happy system? Which is true to a point. It’s just after you reach a level of quality and variety, you just don’t care anymore.

    Everyone has their own buying curve. The OP is spending his $ in other directions. But you will find some getting comfortable with a level of sound.

    I mean that’s the whole thing............. to stop searching. We all were searching for something, to learn something at the start. That’s the year of joining next to everyone’s name. And stuff did get better the last 10 years, depending on who you talk to; but I think there was improvements. There will continue to be improvements!

    ChiFi is the most exciting thing now, only because it lets folks get $600 IEMs or $800 IEMs for $199. That’s cool!

    We have a built in mental function where expensive purchases get us an endorphin influx. This drug from a big purchase gets us a profound feeling of well being. The purchases can be made over and over again as money is sustained.

    This behavior is maybe part of our survival mode, where hoarding goods for the winter is keeping people alive. Still our culture reenforces this behavior.

    The guy with the $90,000 car is a good guy. The guy with the $1000 car is a loser maybe going to jail? That’s the mindset in Orange County California. Actually if you car has dings the police pull you over all the time.

    My cars used to have dings and dents and I was pulled over from it all the time in Orange County. Once I financed an expensive car, the police left me alone. Lol
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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