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My headphone collection featured in Steve Guttenberg's blog

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  1. Wmcmanus
    Apparently someone mentioned my headphone collection to Steve recently, and he immediately became interested in learning more about what might possess someone to become such a headphone nut.  We arranged a time to have a chat, and had quite a long chat at that.  We covered many aspects of the high end audio hobby and life in general, most of which are not addressed in his blog piece which by necessity needed to be concise and on point.  Thanks, Steve.  I'm looking forward to meeting you one day, presumably at a headphone-related event!  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-20011461-47.html?tag=cnetRiver
  2. Seamless Sounds
    That's awesome![​IMG]
  3. Solude
    No kids at home I'm guessing =)
  4. kingtz
    Wow, nice. You're your own CanJam!
  5. boomana
    Very cool, Wayne.  You need to invite us all over now. [​IMG]
  6. Currawong Contributor
    Nice one!  I gathered you had a lot of headphones, but didn't realise just how many. Is there a high-res version of that picture anywhere? 
  7. chinesekiwi
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Wow! Now that is a headphone collection!
  9. sanakaku
    Nice setup! So you're from the Caymans i have have a family at Brac and usually Dive in Little Cayman, love the local
    Barefoot man!
  10. Kawai_man
    When you said Steve Guttenburg I thought you meant the guy from the Police Acedmy movies lol, I think you still need a pair of Ultrasone Hfi-2400's though Just kidding, thats a heck of a collection you got there.
  11. kingtz


  12. NapalmK
    Congrats on the article. That's impressive stuff. Uh...........mind if I come over? [​IMG]
  13. jjinh
    Nice pic of your beautiful collection.
  14. ak622 Contributor


    HAHA I was thinking when did he have a blog talking about audio!  
    That's a really impressive collection.  I've seen pictures of gear over the years and it never fails to impress!  
  15. Ham Sandwich
    We understand.  The commenters over at CNet though are likely not going to understand.  I hope they don't get rude.
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