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My full sized closed headphone nightmare

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by campj, Feb 28, 2014.
  1. audioops
    You haven't mentioned B&O H6, NAD Viso HP50, B&W P7
  2. vkalia
    I have the following closed headphones (I fly a lot, and prefer over-ears to IEMs):
    - Fostex TH600
    - Audio Technica W1000X
    - NAD HP50
    - Momentum
    In the compact on-ears, I own:
    - V-Moda M80
    - DT1350
    - Audio Technica ESW9A
    So far, in the full-sized ones, the HP50s are my favorites, with the W1000X and Momentums in the next level and the TH600s close to unlistenable due to their shrieky, bright sound.   I had posted a detailed comparison of the HP50s vs the Momentums recently as well.   The HP50s are really well-designed headphones, which take into account the science/art of how sound is perceived as well.   You should put them on your must-audition list, even though they clock in at well under your price.
    The W1000X is another pair that i really like - very sweet in the mid-range and with a bass extension that is comparable to the TH600s (I dont know where this whole "they are bass light" business is coming from).     The Momentums have a different sound palette and do everything well, but are a little too polite for my tastes (they are the headphone equivalent of B&W speakers) -  but i can see their appeal to other listeners. 
  3. cjl
    Personally, I absolutely love the Denon Dx000 line. I have both D2ks and D5ks, and they would be my recommendation (you can still find them either new or lightly used if you look around a bit and are patient, though it is definitely harder than it used to be). They don't isolate amazingly well, but they don't leak sound out (or in) like a Grado or Senn open phone either. Unless you're in a really noisy or sound-sensitive environment, I would think they would be adequate...
  4. Claritas
    They're very comfortable, but I didn't enjoy the mix of growling bass and screechy treble. Tastes differ I guess. Has build quality been an issue: that d----- screw.
  5. cjl
    I don't find the treble to be screechy at all - if anything, it is maybe very slightly muted (not much though - I'd say they sound closer to flat than the vast majority of audiophile headphones I've heard). The bass is excellent as well, in my opinion, though it does seem somewhat dependent on amping (specifically, using an amp with a low output impedance seems to really help, based on my limited testing). It does all depend on what you're used to though - I am comparing them to my speaker setup, which uses B&W 805s for the mains (which are arguably somewhat bright). Build quality seems fine to me as well, but I am fairly careful with them.
    EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, that description (bass + screechy treble) is closer to how I would describe the new Denons. I haven't heard the 7100, but I have had a chance to spend a significant amount of time (~1 month of intermittent listening at home) with the D600, and they're really disappointing compared to the older Dx000 series, in my opinion. They aren't as comfortable either (the removable cable is nice though...)
  6. campj
    I have decided on the Sony MDR-7520. They have everything I'm looking for and it appears that the comfort issue can be solved with a pair of Shure SRH840 pads. Thanks for the replies.
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  7. Audio addict19
    Can anyone here compare the Sony MDR-7520 with the NAD VISO HP 50? I just returned the HP 50 because the headband bugged me but will rebuy them if desperate. Got the Focal spsirt Classic today and the earpads are retartedly small so they are going back tomorrow. I loved the HP 50's sound just wanted Harder hitting bass, i would be okay with 1-3 db bore as long as the mids are still deatiled and clean. I loved the HP 50's mids. I listen to Heavy metal alot and other hard to softer rock. Thanks to anyone in advance. 
  8. Errymoose
    Someone will have something negative to say about ANY headphone mentioned...  You just need to find the right fit for you.  I personally enjoy my T70 and don't agree they're "too bright".  Obviously different things appeal to different people, so you just need to find which flaws you enjoy.
  9. zazex
    Sounds like the 7520's could be the right headphones for you.
    Plain vanilla type headband.  Well made and comfortable.
    They put out more bass than the HP50's, yet are still
    clear and detailed.  Not edgy.  They do have a slight
    siblilance issue, though.  Not terribly obvious, but
    noticeable with some recordings.
    I am speaking here from memory because I sold my HP50's
    a few months ago.  I still have the 7520's.  I've also since
    picked up the Focal Spirit Pro's which I like a lot, but they
    seem to be a bit lighter in the bass than the 7520's and
    HP50's.  I think there's something vaguely peculiar about
    their sound, but I haven't been able to discern it yet.  Still,
    I like them very much as closed headphones.  Many don't
    like the way they fit, but I find them comfortable enough.
    (I can, and do, fall asleep while wearing them...)
    I don't mind having sold the HP50's...they had some
    aspects which I didn't like either.  Also (to throw another
    wrench into the pot), I have the Sony MDR Z1000's
    which I like more than the HP50's.  There was no reason
    for me to keep all three (7520's, Z1000's, and HP50's.)
    I still have the Z1000's and have come to like them even
    more than the 7520's (though I recognize the strong points
    of the 7520's) - and I know many will disagree with me
    on that comparison, thinking the Z1000's have "too little
    bass".  I disagree with that, and even if it was true it's
    compensated for by a beautiifully coherent, warm,
    and detailed presentation.  I can listen to them for
    hours, though I still prefer my open headphones
    to any of my closed headphones.
    Anyway, I recommend you give the 7520's a good
    listen.  They're excellent headphones all around,
    and might satisfy your need for bass as well.  (The
    Focal Spirit Pro's probably won't.)  And, as for the
    HP50's - well, they are certainly very good headphones -
    and a great value.
  10. Audio addict19
    You are a lifesaver! LOL i actually bought the Focal classic and man are those cups tiny they are half on ear half over ear! I loved the fit of the NAD besides the headband so I know ill truely love the Sony's fit. Sound sounds like it'll be good as well. From what ive heard these sound like they are VERY detailed and not fatuiging with a good bass so if this is true i might be in love. I'll have them in probably a week and post impressions here. This seems like a very underrated Headphone, i'm gonna E-mail Tyll and offer him to measure mine when I get them! 
  11. Lorspeaker
  12. Claritas

    After trying FSP (very good sound but it broke after 24 days) and given my wariness about HP50's headband, I might just take my own advice. :D
  13. KlarkKentThe3rd
    Was going to recommend, but there is a thread already: http://www.head-fi.org/t/712635/audio-technica-ath-m40x-the-little-brother-that-could

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