my Fubar is clipping!!
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Feb 22, 2008
I have been using my Fubar III for several days now. Connected to an iMac, USB port, used as DAC/amp, into a pair of AKG K601's. So far I have had several instances of clipping, more in the left channel, but on occasion in the right as well. I have been using the Fubar in high gain mode, as I noticed the dynamics were a lot better, and Todd from AudiophileProducts confirmed that the high gain is a more direct path. As such, I can only use about the first 10% of the volume control range. I have switched to low gain, which allowed me to put the volume higher, at some expense of dynamic and I thought timbral accuracy, but guess what, the clipping was there even in low gain!! I listen to moderate, even low volumes, to protect my ears, so it's not like I'm going nuts here. Is the Fubar just too much for my headphones? Do I have a bad match here? Am I doing something wrong?
Any opinions would be much appreciated.

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