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My foam atrio tip came out inside my ear...?!

  1. Rewkie
    Do i panic or os this a common thing? Its pretty far in there and im on my way to the mountains right now so we're going to stop at a gas station and try and get it out with tweezers. Am i just going to rip a little piece of foam off with them? Is it dangerous for me to leave foam in my ear for a week?
  2. bigmiketn
    I've had that happen before. I don't know if it is dangerous but I wouldn't leave it in there for a week. You should not have much trouble tweezing it out as long as you're careful. When it happened to me it was because the cores came out of the foam. If that happened you will need new tips.
  3. julian67
    Don't leave it in there. You risk getting an ear infection. Some people get ear infections just by normal extended use of IEMs. Leaving something in your ear for a week is inviting some very unpleasant trouble. I have had both foam and silicone tips stay behind in my ear, once or twice quite deep in. It's actually very easy to remove them so don't panic but do attend to it as soon as it's convenient.

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