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My EQ curves for LCD-2, HD650, M50, and 007mk2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lunatique, Apr 27, 2011.
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  1. Lunatique
    It's been a while since I last reassessed the M50's EQ, so this is a good opportunity for me to apply an update to it. This is the new update (it's smoother sounding than the previous one).
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="5700" Gain="8" Bandwidth="0.42"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="8700" Gain="-8" Bandwidth="0.3"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="40" Gain="-5" Bandwidth="1.82"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="20000" Gain="10" Bandwidth="0.35"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="3400" Gain="3" Bandwidth="0.33"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="350" Gain="4" Bandwidth="0.7"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="2000" Gain="-2.4" Bandwidth="0.42"/>
      <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="4036.0136" Gain="-3" Bandwidth="0.25"/>
    I'm more meticulous now than I was in the past, since back then I was less concerned with the smoothness from one small frequency interval to the next and was focused more on the broad changes. Now I try to make sure even the smaller intervals sound smooth on top of having macro level balance. Also, I'm less likely to completely trust other people's measurements now and prefer to trust my own ears first and foremost, so if an EQ band's not doing what it should based on the measurement when I listen to it, I won't follow the measurement. 
    BTW, good call on the 350 Hz. It does sound smoother with broader bandwidth and slightly higher frequency. 
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  2. headdict

    I just realized that I previously used the other version of your settings with the +/- 12 dB swing at 5.7/8.7 kHz. I now think the +12 dB at 5.7 kHz was too much for me. These new settings work very, very well for me. With only eight bands being used they are also more compatible with the capabilities of the RockBox EQ. I might consider getting rid of that 20 kHz boost, though, as it seems pretty wasted on me.
  3. ahmadfaizadnan
    EDIT (2016/1/31):
    I just updated the HD650 EQ curve to get it closer to the Harman Target Response Curve:


    Here's the actual setting copied from the .xml file

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Equalizer PatchFormat="2">
    <Band Mode="Low Shelving" Frequency="44.7744228" Gain="6" Bandwidth="2.44"/>
    <Band Mode="High Shelving" Frequency="14000" Gain="5" Bandwidth="1.92"/>
    <Band Mode="Low Shelving" Frequency="119.132429" Gain="5" Bandwidth="1.82"/>
    <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="1200" Gain="3" Bandwidth="2.5"/>
    <Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="8000" Gain="-6" Bandwidth="0.25"/>


    Just tried this EQ. This is awesome! the bass is fuller and miraculously, I hear a better low end that I thought it was missing in some point. Thanks!
  4. Audeze
    @Lunatique wrote "Since all LCD-2's are shipped with their individual frequency response graph, you really have to look at mine in order to put the EQ curve into proper context:"

    This is a bit tricky. The LCD2s were originally measured with Neumann KU100 head. This has blocked ear canals and the measurement is done at the EEP. (Ear entrance point). The Harman Olive curve references uses GRAS 45CA, IEC 60711 Ear Simulator. Measured at DRP (Drum reference point). This measurement includes the effect of the ear canal.
    So it is difficult to compare the LCD2 graph that was supplied and relate it to the Harman curve easily.
    Last edited: May 4, 2017
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