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My DIY electrostatic headphones

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  1. robm321
    Whatever is not an inconvenience. It's nice to see a picture history of things being built. 
  2. chinsettawong
    I've been busy and couldn't find the time to cut the stators and spacers until today.  Here are the parts. 
    I think they are too small.  Anyway, let's see how they will sound.  I still need to cut the enclosure for them though.
    Wachara C. 
    Tasoeur likes this.
  3. i_djoel2000
    WOW..you even made your own driver?? that is very brilliant chinsettawong! looking forward to the 'how to make your own electrostatic headphone' thread [​IMG]
  4. krmathis Contributor
    Really impressive! Looking forward to the end result. [​IMG]
  5. tranhieu
    wao the coolest thing I've seen this year! must subscribe!
    succeed or not you're still a phenomenon! Just wanna express my encouragement and I will keep track of your progress :)
  6. chinsettawong
    Thanks for viewing.  I'll try to post as many pictures as I can.  I'll still need to find the time to cut the enclosure for them.  I think it would be around next weekend before I'll have the time to do so.  :frowning2:
    Wachara C.
  7. chinsettawong
    Finally, I have found a suitable housing for my new drivers.  The headband and enclosures are given to me by a friend.  I think it's a replacement (spare part) for Marantz electrostatic headphones.  It's brand new.  However, it doesn't have the front covers.  I use my CNC to cut the covers using a 3 millimeter plastic sheet. 
  8. chinsettawong
    I think they sound nice.  [​IMG]
  9. spritzer
    Yup, those are for the Marantz electrostatic phones which were really just Stax OEM's.  I would suggest you add some foam or wool into the cups and line them with bitumen.  Should make them quite a bit better.  
  10. Anaxilus
  11. Bullseye
    Impressive work! Congrats on your awesome work.
  12. Aynjell Contributor
    subscribed, very awesome read!
  13. chinsettawong


    Hi Spritzer,
    Thanks very much for your suggestion.  I tried the headphones for about 30 minutes yesterday, and the sound was quite good.  However, I didn't like the way the ear pads pressed on my ears.  My ears became warm very quickly and didn't feel that comfortable wearing them. 
    I'll try what you suggested.
    Wachara C.
  14. sokolov91


    See, the DIY guys always made me feel useless.
    Seeing stuff like this makes me want to go kill myself.
    Just kidding :p.
    This work, as tons have state is super impressive. I wish I could add something of value, but it looks like I will just have to cheer from the side lines haha!
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