My DIY electrostatic headphones

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  1. Muamp
    Hi Wachara,

    I have still not got a 3D printer.... I keep thinking about it, but always convince myself CNC can do it better. Although there are often certain shapes and small objects,.. clips etc where a 3D printer would certainly help.

    P.S. I like the Velcro strapping, what a brilliant idea.

    Hi ts8051,

    How did you measure the resonant frequency? 80Hz seems a bit low. Either you have a very large panel or low tension membrane?

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  2. ts8051
    I used a program for my MAC which sweeps logarithmicaly the audible frequency range and the advanced spectrum analyzer program for android. I realy measured it 80Hz when I constructed the headphones for the First time, but yesterday I measured it again and found it 120Hz. I think that either there are errors in measuring or the membrane became more tensioned which is impossible. The lower frequency which reproduced and was audible by me is 35Hz. In the next days I will measure it with my USB oscilloscope and better microphone and I will produce the frequency responce curve. The real fact is that the bass response is very good for my ears.
    The membrane tension was achieved with the following method:
    I put on a 25 X 25 cm glass a Paper with a scale in mm printed on it. After this, I was put on the glass the membrane which I glued on it with 3M self adhesive tape. After removing ringles on the membrane I mark on two sides X, Y on the membrane surface with a pencil. The tensioning by applying 3m tape is done on the two X, Y sides only and for 1mm only. Then I fit the allready cut spacers with UHU Por.
    On the next days I will do the above with a lower tension than 1mm, possibly 0.5mm and I will see the result in resonance frequency value.

  3. Christer
    Interesting. I would like to audition those babies.
    It seems you're getting closer to the Jecklins in size.
    Do they dig deep in the bass?
    Lack of real deep bass was always a weakness with my Jecklins.
    And how do you amp them?
  4. chinsettawong
    Hi Christer,

    You are welcome to meet me in Bangkok and try my headphones anytime. :)

    I really like how these headphones sound. The deep bass is not bad at all. Comparing to the JF I have, mine sounds much better.

    I use my KGSSHV Carbon, KGST, and KG DIY T2 with them. All of them drive the headphones with ease. Well, even my Stax SRM252A has no problem driving them.
  5. Christer
    Hello and thanks for the invitation to audition your Stats.
    I will probably spend quite some time in Thailand this winter again and I'll get in touch next time I am in Bangkok.
    Cheers Christer currently using HE1000V2 for basically all of my headphones listening sessions.
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  6. 100VoltTube
  7. chinsettawong
    Is he still active on the forum?
  8. 100VoltTube
    He seems to be active selling things, but not posting to threads. I'll PM him about his DIY estats and link this thread.
  9. 100VoltTube
    He responded to my PM with this message:
  10. chinsettawong
    I think I have seen those pictures somewhere, but can't remember where. It would be nice if he can join us.
  11. Muamp
    I have finally finished the design of Muamp#6. My aim was to keep it as simple as possible, really simple!




    It is extremely light. Probably less that a third of the weight of Muamp#4.
    The cable is a plaited - ultra thin / ultra flexible, silicon rubber coated cable.
    The Stax compatible 5 pin pro plug is CNC'ed from Perspex.
    The Stators and Spacers are sourced from PCBway - PCB fabrication house, in China. The Stators do not have the centre hole, as in all my others ESHS's.
    The ear cushions are from ebay, a Chinese seller. They are genuine Lambs leather, and angled, just like the SR-009 cushions.
    This is a 'surround-less' design. That is there is NO casing on the electrostatic panel. The copper on the stators doesn't go to the edge and so it is safe, cannot touch the stator voltages.
    Since there are NO surrounds, the ear-cushions themselves become the casing.

    They sound great, although I have not, as yet, had a chance to back to back compare Muamp#6 with Muamp#4 (the pair I keep for myself).

    I will be keeping a load of Stators and Spacers 'in stock' for my own use which could also be available to other DIY'ers who wish to have a go.

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  12. chinsettawong
    Very nice! I really like your earpads. What are their dimensions? Could you please post a link to the seller?
  13. Muamp
    The best ebay search string for these ear cushions is "genuine leather ear cushions", it will come up with a few sellers.
    dd0529 and go_me05 are two sellers, although I think they are both the same seller...
    They come in 100mm outer dia. and 110mm outer dia.
    There are various others, which are synthetic, but cheaper.

    I still think the fleece ear cushions are better, but they take a long time to hand-make.

  14. chinsettawong
    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for your recommendation on the ear pads sellers on Ebay. I bought a pair to try and I really liked them. The 110 mm outer diameter ones fit my Omega clone perfectly. :)

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  15. Muamp
    They look great!
    How about a before and after photo, next to each other.

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