My DIY electrostatic headphones

  1. chinsettawong
    I also use a piece of 5 mm MFD with double sided tape for holding the PCB. It works nicely.
  2. ts8051
    If I accept that the holes must have a diameter 1mm equal to the gap (0.5mm) multiplied by 2 at maximum, please let me know your opinion about the density of the holes on stator ? In my previous made headphones i have 1.8mm hole on stators.
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  3. ts8051
    IMG_20170401_231233.jpg IMG_20170401_231314.jpg
    I designed and made STAX style male connectors with my 3d printer. As you can see i designed also the bolts for cover.
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  4. Christer
    Interesting, to me they look a bit like my old Jecklin Floats without the plastic helmet .
    Do they sound simliar too Jecklin Floats too?
  5. chinsettawong
    There is no way to compare them using the same amp. But for my JF clone with KGSSHV Carbon, they sound much better than my JF with my EL34 SE.
  6. Boonyoung Iamkamol
    I'm new ... watching and interesting
    I would like to listen .. If Khun Watchara free I like to get opportunity when you're free..
  7. chinsettawong
    Hi Khun Boonyoung,

    You're always welcome to try my headphones and amps. Please PM me and I'll arrange the time for you.
  8. Boonyoung Iamkamol
    Hi Khun Watchara;

    Million thanks for you kindly , this is my best opportunity to get direct information from .. Normally I will be free on Friday I stay in Bangbuathong Nonthatburi ..How can I contact you ? if you are not comfortable to give me phone number .. I have line ID or Skype account..

  9. chinsettawong
    Hi ts8051,

    I didn't notice that the plug was from your 3d printer. It looked very much like mine. I like your screw in feature. Will you share your 3D file with us?

    What kind of filament do you use?
  10. chinsettawong
    Hi Khun Boonyoung,

    I've sent you a PM message. Please check.

    Wachara C.
  11. ts8051
    PLA professional pro1 inofil3d
  12. ts8051
    How can we measure the tension? Does exist a sensitive tension meter ? Can we measure the tension by means of the pressure of a known weight on the membrane?
  13. ts8051
    Hello again,
    I downloaded the Advanced FFT analyzer and I checked my Electrostatic Headphones made by me (by means of white noise generator) that the resonance frequency is about 250Hz. In contrast my old STAX SR Lambda Headphones have resonance frequency about 150Hz.
    I can explain it because i tensioned the membrane with very high tension. Now I plan to construct with my 3D printer a tensioning mechanism. After R&D about the correct tension, I will put on the tensioned membrane a known weight and i will measure the z position of this weight on the membrane. In the next membrane tension I will adjust the tension of the membrane in order to have the same z position of the known weight.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 01.10.16.png
  14. chinsettawong
    I believe that I have finally come up with something better than what I've been using for quite a while.




    3D printers are really amazing. :smile_phones:
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  15. ts8051
    After studying the relationship between membrane tension and resonance frequency I made headphones with resonance frequency 80Hz. I made also a centre hole. The bass response is amazing. Of course the responce in middle and high frequencies are the best. I also observe the excellent stereo image with depth. In the near future I will post some photos.
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