My DIY electrostatic headphones

  1. chinsettawong
    No, the in ear type isn't easy to make. I'll try again in the future.

    By the way, you can try to make the stators 60 x 110 with the active diaphragm area of 50 x 100. They should sound pretty good too.
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  2. janosch simon
    yay milled today the stators and spacers worked pretty well :) the 60x110 looks a little bit tall and slim but my cnc cant do bigger :)
    one question how you apply the uhu uniform? directly out of the tube or how? when can i upload images how many posts i need to have? :)
    cheers janosch
  3. ts8051
  4. ts8051
    Please I am looking for a good electrostatic headphones amplifier tubes or transistors. Also I want to discover how can i convert a normal tube push-pull amplifier to a electrostatic headphones amplifier.

    Theologos Sarafidis
  5. coinmaster
    There are a lot of answers to that question based on your amplifier design and your ability to DIY or not.
  6. ts8051
    I can make diy amplifiers. My last Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier was the Design fro 1980 N. Pollock from Wireless World. Now there are some Special designs with EL34 or other. As I constructed a tube power amplifier with 2A3 tubes in push-pull, I am looking to construct a Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier by using the pcb Board of this push-pull amplifier but without output transformers. Of course I must make a separate High voltage (580V) power supply. But I am looking such plans of modifications in push-pull tube amplifiers. Else I want to construct a dedicated tube amplifier foe DIY electrostatic Headphones.

  7. coinmaster
    Without a schematic my responses are limited. Google "tubecad electrostatic amplifier" and you should be able to find plenty of inspiration.
  8. chinsettawong
    The better ones are Dr. Kevin Gilmore's designs. Search for KGSSHV, KGSSHV Carbon, KGST, Megatron, and etc.

    These are some of the best designs and I highly recommend any of them.
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  9. coinmaster
    I took a peak at the KGSSHV schematic, it seems to be just a transistor cascode amplifier with current source loads, not impressive enough to call it "better" than all else. There's a million and one ways to convert a non ES amp into an ES one but without a schematic of his amp it's difficult to say.
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  10. janosch simon
    hey all :) i got the antistatic spray from rs componets which david (muamp) suggested and i already talk with him about how to apply it on the membrane ("Muamp said:Shake bottle. Spray librally all over. Allow 15 minutes to dry. Wipe lightly with lint free cloth") but perhabs you guys also have other practices how to make a good coating :) i was thinking about putting the esd fluid in a tray and then let the membrane float on the fluid and then pull out and let gravity pull off the excess?
    this should give a pretty uniform coating :) just like in alternative photography where you coat paper with a salt solution just like i described above :)

    cheers janosch
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  11. janosch simon
    again me :) first tests were kind of successfull (music audible but far from sounding good) so there are a lot of problems to solve:

    when i play music with a bias voltage of around 600v the speaker roars and when i increase the HV it gets louder sure but the music is very distorted :frowning2:

    could this be a problem with the tension of the foil? i use household foil which is 12 micron thick in germany i couldn't find 3 micron mylar foil. any of you know a source? hmmm :)

    any of you had a similar problem? with the roar and distroted sound?

    cheers and thx
  12. chinsettawong
    Hi Janosch,

    Tell us more about your build. What is the spacer thickness? What do you use for coating the diaphragm? Are you using a dedicated amp or transformers for connection with the headphones? Pictures would help a lot.

    Actually, I find the 12 micron food wrap to sound pretty good. So, I don't think it is the cause of your distorted music.

    By the way, the 3 microns Mylar can be bought easily on Ebay.

    Wachara C.
  13. janosch simon
    hey Wachara :) my setup is amess at the moment :D
    - Spacer thickness 0.5mm
    - coating is Anti Static Spray from rs-components
    - a very old amp with 2 transformers and a High voltage lab powersupply for the bias voltage perhabs i can test tomorrow Muamps testbench energizer :)
    for pictures im afraid i still dont have enough posts :frowning2:
    cheers janosch
  14. chinsettawong
    To use 0.5 mm spacer, you have to make sure that you do everything right. It's not so easy.

    What is the size of your active membrane area?

    For pictures, if you really can't post them here, you can easily store them somewhere else and put a link here.

    By the way, I would question your amp and the step up transformers. I'm not sure that they are good for the headphones.
  15. janosch simon
    yeah thats why i will try hopefuly tomorrow the audio transfomer that muamp suggested :)
    the active area is 50 x 100 like you suggested :) pictures i will try this evening :)
    cheers janosch

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