My Deutsche Grammophon Complete Beethoven Edition (all 20 volumes!) is on ebay!
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Sep 24, 2011
Hi all,
I wanted to tell you that my Deutsche Grammophon Complete Beethoven Edition (all 20 volumes; 87 CDs!) is up on ebay as of today and will run for a week.  The starting bid is set at a meager $400!!!
I've seen an older thread on Head-fi listing the same set for $1,700:
And on Amazon there is currently a used set selling for $2,500.
So here's a chance to get a truly awesome deal.

All discs play fine, with the sole exception of two tracks or approximately 30 seconds worth of music that tends to skip.  However, I have burned these very same tracks onto my computer as Lossless Files with NO PROBLEM at all. 
Worst comes to worse you can always buy replacement volumes for these 2 discs and still come out monetarily ahead. 
Feel free to email me through ebay if you have any questions!

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