My Creative DTT2200 > CMOY'ed Philips HP805
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Mar 16, 2004
I have a 6 year old 5.1 computer speaker model "DTT2200" from Cambridge SoundWorks that i just got out of my closet for selling off to my best friend.
This was when the speakers were actually sold with "Cambridge" rather than Creative on the box.

Anyways,5 satellites and one 5.25" woofer in that box.Each satellite has lotsa dacron wadding inside....nice build quality and cube looks.Schweet.

To the sound:the reason i had stopped using these babies was because of their horrendous but very smooth midrange......imagine an almost flat 6db gain between 1.8Khz and 5.5Khz.The remaining spectrum always sounds pretty linear when the satellites are placed 30 degrees off-axis.
So,i plugged this babies in to the sound card an hour ago and frankly when EQUALIZED , i am amazed at the detail and clarity these things put out.The 3W amp inside the sub seems to have a pretty good power reserve.These sound so nice after-eq that i am thinking of not selling them........they actually beat my equalized HP805 in detail.

Heres a pic of the speakers and the frequency response graph measured on-axis(hence the peaky treble):


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