My Colorfly C4 Pro is Bricked
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May 19, 2015
Hello there,
So recently my Colorfly C4 stopped working. The last time it turned on it booted up differently then normal. The boot up logo seemed to be normal except the ticker wasn't moving. The main menu was normal looking. I immediately selected the "music" option and that appeared normal. Then I picked the first music folder which show as empty. I continued to select the rest of the music folders with each showing as empty also. Until the display blinked to a red screen with the "music" option printed on the upper left hand corner. This option when selected would take me to the last music folder I viewed before the display went red. I could only go between those two screen displays and I tried to turn it off several times using the power button. The device would not respond to the power down so I then pressed the rest pin button at the bottom of the device. It turned off but after my colorfly did not turn back on. Now it will not respond to charging, plugging it in to a computer, using the power button, and using the reset pin button.
I would love anyone's help on getting my Colorfly to work again. Is there anybody that has encountered this before? If so, how do I fix it? Is there a number I can call for a North American customer? 

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