My CD collection for sale, make offers (EU)
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Oct 11, 2006
I'm selling my CD/CDEP and few 7" collection. Indie, Postrock and some ugly stuff from the 90s. Make offers. At least 3 items per order.

a minor forest, inindipendence
american football, st ep
antarctica, 23:03ep
at the drive-in, relationship of command
ativin, st
bellavista, st
black heart procession, 2
braid, age of octeen
braid, frame and canvas
braid, lucky to be alive
braid, movie music vol 1
braid, movie music vol 2
cave-in, jupiter
c-clamp, longer waves 5EUR
c-clamp, meander+return 5EUR
chisel, nothing new ep
christie front drive, anthlology
christie front drive, christie front drive
dashboard confessional, swiss army romance
dashboard confessional, the place you have come to fear the most
death cab for cutie, we have the fact and we are voting yes
deftones, around the furs
deftones, back to school (mini maggit)
deftones, live ep
deftones, my own summer 7" gold vinyl
desaparecidos, read music/speak spanish
desert city soundtrack, perfect addiction
desert city soundtrack/settlefish/sounds like violence, split cdep
SOLD dianogah & log letters, 7" split SIGNED
dianogah, as seen from above
dianogah, battles of champion
dianogah, old material new format
SOLD dianogah, team dianogah 7"
don caballero, american don
don caballero, don caballero 2
don caballero, our caballero
don caballero, our caballero/my ten year old lady… 7" WHITE vinyl
don caballero, singles breaking up vol. 1
don caballero, trey's dog acid/room temperature lounge 7"
don caballero, what burns never returns
garrison, a mile in cold water
garrison, be a criminal
garrison, the bend before the break cdep
get up kids, the, four minute mile ep
get up kids, the, red letter day
get up kids, the, self titled
get up kids, the, something to write home about (first edition)
hey mercedes, self titled ep
jawbreaker, dear you
karate, in place of real insight
karate, st
karate, the bed is in the ocean
karate, unsolved
kings of convenience, quiet is the new loud
korn, life is peachy 6EUR
korn, st 6EUR
limp bizkit, significant other 5EUR
limp bizkit, three dollar bill 5EUR
SOLD marlene kuntz, canzone di oggi cdep
marlene kuntz, catartica
SOLD marlene kuntz, come di sdegno
marlene kuntz, ho ucciso paranoia + spore
marlene kuntz, il vile
nada surf, live in brussels
neil young & pearl jam, mirroball
nine inch nails, downward the spiral
nirvana, bleach 6EUR
nirvana, in utero 5EUR
nirvana, incesticide 6EUR
nirvana, lithium/been a son (live)/... RARE 8EUR
nirvana, nevermind 5EUR
nirvana, sliver/dive/about a girl (live)/... RARE tupelo 10EUR
SOLD on the might of princes, sirens
owen, st
paul newman, only love can break my heart
paul newman, paul newman
paul newman, the machine is not broken
pearl jam, dissident cdep rare 15EUR
pearl jam, dissident part 2 cdep rare 15EUR
promise ring, boys and girl cdep 4EUR
promise ring, electric pink cdep 4EUR
promise ring, horse latitude cdep 4EUR
promise ring, very emergency
quicksand, manic compression
rainer maria, a better version of me
rodan, rusty
screaming trees, dust
screaming trees, sweet oblivion
sdnmt (seidenmatt), iyutso-bi (digipack w/ plastic bag)
sebadoh, bakesale
sebadoh, beauty of the ride ep
settlefish, dance a while upset
settlefish, the plural of the choir
shannon wright, flight safety
shellac, 10000 hurts 10EUR
shellac, terraform 10EUR
SOLD shellac, the rude gesture7”
SOLD shellac, uranus 7”
shipping news, save everything
shipping news, very soon, and in pleasent company
slint, spiderland
sonic youth, dirty 6EUR
sonic youth, evol <--- blast first 1986 (no geffen) 15EUR
sonic youth, experimental jet set trash and no star 6EUR
sonic youth, screaming fields of sonic love 4EUR
sonic youth, syr 1
sonic youth, syr 2
sonic youth, thousand leaves
sonic youth, self titled FIRST ALBUM RARE sst records 1987 20EUR
sonic youth, washing machine (2xCD) 10EUR
soundgarden, badmotorfinger5EUR
strokes, the, is this it
sunday’s best, poised to break
sunday’s best, the californian
texas is the reason, do you know who you are?
SOLD! texas is the reason, texas is the reason
three fish, the quiet table
unwound, challenge for a civilized world
unwound, further listening
unwound, future of what
unwound, new plastic ideas
van pelt, sultans of sentiment
wolf parade, apologies from the queen mary
wolf parade, st ep (ep #3)
yage, 3-17 october 1984
zeni geva & steve albini, allright, you little bastard <- rare 15EUR
zeni geva, nai-ha <- 1993 out of print rare 15EUR
small brown bike, the river bed
small brown bike/the casket lottery, st ep

gray pelican M tshirt *NEW* --> 10EUR
black revelation hoody M used 10EUR
blue battles M tshirt *NEW* 10EUR

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