My budget is $80, are the HiFiMan RE-400's a good choice?
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Sep 14, 2015
The main thing I'm going off of is ljokerl's comprehensive IEM reviews, and it looks like the best value in my price range is the HiFiMan RE-400's. That's even despite the fact that it says $99 on his list and they're now $79. I just wanted to get some second opinions on this before I drop all the money on these. I listen to a wide array of music so I want them to be good all around which it seems like they are. I'll be upgrading from Apple earpods so I should notice quite a bit more clarity and bass-depth from what I'm used to, right?
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I have the bigger brother the RE-600 and my buddy has the RE-400.  They are good all-rounders and if you want a neutral sound signature they will fit the bill.  My vote would go to the Vsonic VSD5's at the sub $80 range.  They have a little mid bass boost as well as a small spike in the treble that gives them good perceived clarity.  They come across as detailed but not cold.  Both the RE400 and the VSD5 will lack a little in lowest bass extension.  If you lean more towards female vocals and acoustic I would go 400, with pop, rap, rock I would go VSD5.  Both will handle all genres but those would be their strong suits.

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