My 225I's arrived!
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Apr 4, 2003
As the title says my Grado 225I's arrived today. Had a quick listen for about 30-45 minutes. I can tell they will deffinately need some burn in but damn they sound good. Been so long since I heard the Grado sound I forgot how much excitement they add to the music. Love the immediacy they add, especially with rock and metal music. Sounds a lot like I remember my SR325's but not near as bright. They also seemed to be less forgiving of crappy sources then my HD600's. I still love my Senns but I think I have to agree with the consensus that these are some of the best phones there are for Rock and faster paced music. People complain about lack of soundstage but the soundstage seems to be bigger to me then I remember it being with the other Grados I've owned. This is also the first time I've been able to drive low impedence headphones with my Solo SRG and it seems to be doing a fabulous job with these Grados. Breaking Benjamin never sounded better. Love it! Now just have to try the Beyer DT880s and the AKG K701s and I will be probably be set for a while. Happy Listening!
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congrats. which grados have you owned previously?
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I first owned the SR60's and then upgraded right to the SR325's. I really like the sound of these phones. There awesome with my music. I listen mostly to rock and metal so these things really sing good to me! Cheers!
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Congrats! I stuck with my 225's and sold my 60 and RS1 (although that was because I needed the money
). I only have the SR225... and ordered a pair of HF2!

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