My 10 minute dt770 mic mod
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 17, 2007
ok had to share this-got the idea from another forum (hardforum)-rooted around my garage- found some rubber tubing- put some stiff wire in for rigidity and flexibility-added one zip tie and a clip in mic and voila!

ok cleaned it up a little:

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Hey that actually looks pretty neat! Its something that I've always missed on good cans. They never come with a mic attached.

Reminds me about the rather crappy mic-mods that I did to my old HD600 that I sold to a friend a few weeks ago. It was pretty easy attaching stuff to the metal grill with thin wire but nevertheless all of my tries sort of sucked big time.
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added another pic- cleaned up the line routing a bit

i might try to push a wire into the braiding so i can forgoe the rubber tube.
wrap the wires and mic line together in a matching material

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