mx980, for the bed , worth it ? missing my k317.
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May 27, 2009
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May 27, 2009
I'm really missing my akg k317 ear buds ( broken
) .  I  loved their treble, and wide soundstage.  In the online store I plan to buy, I only found the k318, and that doesn't seem a good replacement  : the k318  look thinner, so I  guess the driver is smaller; also I don't want an apple compatible volume control.

I liked to use my k317 mainly before sleeping,  and I'm looking for a replacement for this use. I think it's easier to relax on bed with ear buds, than IEM. Since I will mostly listen to relaxing music (let's say new age) ,  I rather have something that excels on the mids & highs, than on the bass.

Is the mx980 worth it, for my need  ? I see that the mx980 are discontinued, but I can find them for 120 euros. Would there be a significant gap in sound quality compared to my missing k317 ? (by the way, k319 and k317 have same sound)   I  saw the mx880 for only 43 euros too, but unfortunately they are not in stock, and I need to make my command soon.  Thanks for your advices.

* Additional Note:
I'm a bit angry, because I bought recently the pmx680i, and  I realized I paid too much for them (70 euros) . I love their sound, but highs are  unimpressive.  They are fine for jogging though. Anyway, I'm trying to rationalize my new purchase, I can't afford an  other mistake.  I  want something as good or better than my previous k317, ideally I  would spend  much less than 120 euros. I you want to take a look, I will do my purchase from one of these  french websites: or  .

* Summary of what I want :  headphones comfy for bed, less than 120 euros, very  good on  highs , mids , and soundstage. Bass is on the bottom of my list.  Hesitating for the mx 980.
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