Mutec MC-3+ USB + Smart Clock/ Converter Mint - 3 Mos old.
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Apr 22, 2012
For sale is a MINT condition Mutec MC-3+ USB Smart Clock Silver unit left. I had two.

This pair was bought from Markertek in late May, shipped June and was used no more that 20 hours in a backup system as a USB converter daisy chained to the other one as a reclocker. This is by far the best USB sound I've heard in this system. You can also use it to reclock SPDIF, which people have been doing to output signals from their Lynx or Rednet, taking it to the very next level. Versatile unit can be used to convert from USB to SPDIF/'AES via coax or BNC, and convert DSD to PCM in the hardware and with plenty of settings to play with.

If there are any questions, please ask. Comes everything it came with ( original packaging, accessories and manual) as there were set up and compared, then stored. These units need to be broken in due to low use.

Price new: $1099.

Asking $xxx + shipping / fees. Paypal add 3%.

Read the reviews at the Mutec website, and in Computer Audiophile

Additional Information: (its a lot)
The MC-3+ Smart Clock USB is setting a new benchmark for clocking technology and the reproduction of digital audio by uniquely combining an audiophile USB interface with an audio re-clocker in perfection! Particularly designed for the demands of high-end consumer audio, the device expands a new sonic universe with increased musicality, clarity, and precision. As such, the MC-3+USB will prove its worth in many audiophile listening rooms around the world.


Improved, next-generation re-clocking and 1G-Clock technology by MUTEC
Audiophile, asynchronous two-channel USB interface with ultra-low noise audio clock oscillators and total galvanic isolation for surpression of high-frequency interferences
Effective power supply filtering through lowest-noise, multiple-stage voltage supplies
Regenerates and audibly improves the audio quality of USB PCM audio and DSD/DoP streams as well as connected devices
Offers uniquely externally referenced re-clocking, locked to Rubidium-/Caesium atomic clocks or GPS receivers
Serves as a flexible digital input switching matrix, audio format converter and master clock
Compatible to Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs
Intuitive user interface and easy installation
Update-capability via USB
Available with black- or clear aluminum front panel
Converts DSD/DoP streams (64-256) to PCM audio with selectable output clock rate
Transfers USB audio streams into AES3 and S/P-DIF and outputs those to five digital audio formats simultaneously
Converts between USB PCM audio, USB DSD/DoP audio, AES3 and S/P-DIF, as well as between AES11 and Word Clock
Highly compatible USB audio class 2.0 driver for Windows supporting ASIO, MME, DirectSound, WASAPI, Kernel Streaming, PCM 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit and Float-32Bit at all clock rates between 44.1kHzand 192.0kHz
Ultra-low jitter Word Clock generation with clock rates up to 1,536.0 kHz
Scalable to FS1x512 clock rates, 22,5792 MHz & 24,576 MHz, for e.g. high-end audio interfaces
Locks to Rubidium- (10 MHz), Cesium- (5 MHz) and GPS clock references
Generates Word Clocks, Super Clocks, AES3 + S/P-DIF blanks simultaneously
Uninterruptable, fail-safe clock generation in all operation modes
Eliminates so-called digital "clicks and pops"
Individual lock indicators for the clock or audio reference and the re-clock reference
USB, AES/EBU, AES/EBUid and S/P-DIF interfaces in one box
S/P-DIF interconnections via BNC, RCA and optical interfaces available as in- and outputs
Front panel lock-out for preventing of misuse
Rack-space-saving 9.5" housing
Built-in, universal power supply


1 x USB2.0 interface, bi-directional usable
1 x BNC input for Word Clock + 1-10MHz, 75 ohms termination switchable, unbalanced
1 x XLR input for AES3/11, 110 ohms terminated, transformer balanced
1 x BNC input for S/P-DIF + AES3id, 75 ohms terminated, unbalanced
1 x Optical input for S/P-DIF, Toshiba ToslinkTM, EIAJ RC-5720
1 x Cinch input (coaxial) for S/P-DIF, 75 ohms terminated, unbalanced
4 x BNC outputs for Word Clock, terminated, unbalanced, individually buffered, adjustable in pairs
1 x XLR output for AES3/11, terminated, transformer balanced, buffered
1 x BNC output for AES3id, 75 ohms terminated, unbalanced
1 x BNC output for S/P-DIF, 75 ohms terminated, unbalanced
1 x Cinch (coaxial) output for S/P-DIF, terminated, unbalanced, buffered
1 x Optical output for S/P-DIF, Toshiba ToslinkTM, EIAJ RC-5720
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