Mustang Vs Pico?
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Aug 8, 2009
Hey peeps,

haha i have a mustang vs preddy topic below but i figure if i were to compare it to a new amp i might as well set up a new topic.

Anyway, its been narrowed down to the mustang or the pico. Im using a rather sensitive IEM with a pretty balanced amount of each frequency, maybe requiring a bit more on the mids. Im using these mostly for portable purposes, so yeah

also, is it possible to couple the amp with an external dac? (eg. Computer->dac->amp->earphones) Would that mess up the sound?

What do you all think about the SQ of these two compared side by side?
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The Mustang will tend to enhance the mids compared to Pico. This is from memory, I no longer own either amp. Using a DAC from your PC then into the amp will sound great.
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I don't have a Mustang, but I do have a Tomahawk and a Pico. The Tomahawk sounds darker and the soundstage is a little further and has very good depth. The Pico is airier, more liquid, closer soundstage, very detailed.
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I liked the Pico better. Pico had more power and drove HD650 better, no question. I had the Pico w/ DAC and only sold it to fund a HP. I liked the Pico SQ better overall. I also thought it has better build quality and is classier looking.
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does anyone have both pico and mustang to tell us the differences? i think its almost the same....difficult to say which one is better...for the looks pico wins ofcourse...

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