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Musicians and DJs on Head-fi! What do you own and how do you split your budget?

  1. wind016
    Hey musicians. It's part curiosity for me to see who plays music on Head-fi and how important their personal entertainment systems are to them.
    I owned a lot of equipment ranging from PA systems, drums, and my own guitar setup. I sold most of it once finding real work became a priority.
    Before I sold everything, my performing guitar rig included:
    Peavey 5150 half stack - $1200
    Line 6 PODxt Live - $250
    Edwards Les Paul Custom (A Japanese Les Paul copy I bought visiting Japan. Never mind it being a copy. It plays better and sounds better than any Gibson Standard I've ever tried and it plays just as well as a Custom. The Japanese yen conversion was good then. Get an Edwards Les Paul and the only thing else you would consider getting is a Gibson Les Paul Custom if you have the extra cash.) - $900
    Edwards Kiko (27 fret, scalloped, locking tuners, Floyd Rose, neck-thru) - $1600
    That totals almost 4 thousand dollars for just the guitar equipment from working in Mcdonalds, interning, and eating Cup of Noodles. Back then my personal audio system were built-in laptop speakers and Grado SR125i. The Grado helped bring the guitar over the vocals allowing me to copy the guitar easier in whatever song our band wanted to cover.
    So back then my music equipment to personal audio system ratio was about $5000 to $120.
    Now, I still have the two Edwards guitars but the rest of the band equipment is sold.
    Not including the electrostatic amp I have on order the audio system is about $3575.
    My total music equipment totals around $2800, but I'm still looking for nice warm guitar amplifier for home use.
    Music equipment/Audio entertainment system
    Before Head-fi: $5000 to $120
    After:                $2800 to $3575
    What are your systems?
    My favorite audio equipment. Good memories =)
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  2. MorbidToaster
    DJ reporting in.
    DJM 800 (Mixer)
    CDJ 800 MKII Decks (Tables)
    Axiom 49 Controller (49 Keys, 8 Pads, 9 Sliders, 8 Knobs)
    Omnisphere VST (Live synth magic)
    That's all my significant stuff. Had a pair of Mackie SRM 450s that sold recently, and I'm honestly considering selling most of the rest too. I'm probably moving into a much smaller place in a few months, and will have no room for this stuff anymore (sadly). I love it, but it hasn't been getting near as much use because I've been busy with 2 jobs.
    Think I'll sell it off and get a little PC controller just to feed the need to do a set every now and then until I can get my space back. 
    Either way, my budget usually goes to whatever I'm more into at that exact moment. DJing a lot? Time for a new deck. Listening more? Time for a new amp. 
  3. Proglover
    E-Kit: Roland TD9KX, 2 extra cymbals (see avatar)   - drumming headphone: DT770 (gel pads)
    A-kit: Pearl Masters custom, mainly Zildjan K and Paiste cympals
  4. aajohan
    Clarinetist :D
    significant musicians gear:
    1 clarinet ~5500$ (Bb - Buffet festival, in case anyone's interested)
    Audio system:
    AKG k701 ~300$
    Yulong D100 ~450$
  5. wind016
    Thanks for the replies and nice equipment guys!
  6. jontti

    Another Clarinetist here.
    I raise your Bb festival with both A&Bb festival clarinets :p. I've also got Yanagisawa 992 alto&tenor saxophones :D. I also own some other instruments I bought when I started playing. I'm done buying instruments for the moment because they're all very good and I don't need any other at the moment. I'm studying to become a classical clarinetist (preferably orchestral musician) with saxophone as my other instrument.
    So I'd say its something like instruments ~12,500€ and my hi-fi setup ~3500€.
  7. aajohan

    Cool, I actually had the chance to buy a really nice, only slightly used festival A for under half price, but chose not to as I wouldn't actually use it very often. But of course, if you're a conservatory student you need (most would say) an A clarinet as well :D
  8. wind016
  9. wind016
  10. wind016
    wow, not many on musicians interested here I guess.
  11. RexAeterna
    i have somethings.

    i own ibanez Gio- 300 bucks(cause i'm left handed and bought a left handed model)

    dimarzio evolution pick-ups- i think was around 250 for the set. not sure. long ago.

    computer rig- probably easily well over 1500 swapping parts for gaming and music. built myself.

    m-audio keyrig 49- 110 bucks

    behringer UFO202 audio interface- 28 bucks

    1972 sansui 5000x amp-65 bucks

    1985 yamaha R-9 amp- 50 bucks

    1983 Hitachi HA-2 amp- 5 bucks

    pioneer sp-fs51-lr floor towers- 200 bucks

    technics sb-t200 floor towers- 75 bucks

    akg 240 studios- 110 bucks

    akg 240 sextetts LP- 15 bucks

    2nd pair of akg 240 sextetts LP(on the way here with original box i won on a bid)- 72 bucks

    everything is done on my computer under fl studio or cubase. i have echo under control in my room with some acoustic treatment using carpet. still some more work to be done(need bass traps) and sometimes i use my friend's marshall stack at his place.i don't own cd decks or mixers yet but working on it. i just do this stuff for fun. not seriously into it. just love music. this was just from years of collecting doing hard labor working 12 hour days when i was younger in my teens to now saving every bit i have finding deals and so forth.
  12. wind016


    I used to have an Ibanez Gio. It was the first guitar that I bought with my own money.
    BTW, I just got a Marshall AVT20 for a steal of $100. It sounds fantastic and definitely worth a listen as a home practice amp. I replaced the tube, opened the back, and changed the speaker, but I felt it was excellent even without the changes. I'm going to jam with some friends this week and see how if it can break through a band.
  13. RexAeterna
    it's great guitar but was so-so with stock pick-ups. with the dimarzio evolutions installed man do they sing(well on my friend's marshall stack). i always wanted an ibanez S but they are crazy prices cause i'm left handed. i could always buy right handed one but i have problems hitting the volume and tone controls with my arm and especially if it has a wammy bar and even tho i have no issues using my right hand with lot of things and piano playing i can not for life of me strum with my right hand. it goes all retarded on me and so forth lol.

    good score on the marshall amp. i never get that lucky when it comes to guitar gear.
  14. henrylee
    Guitar:washburn wi67pro ,cube 15 amp ,boss metal distortion pedal,some other multi fx pedals.
    Dj,numark speakers not sure what model
         numark axis9(decks)
         numark m2(mixer)
         traktor kontrol s4(controller)
         srh750 dj
    Thats about it i think
    Hey MorbidToaster what headphones do you use for djing?

  15. Seamless Sounds
    Besides the things in my sig, I have a Yamaha digital piano. Clavinova CVP-307 ~$6000
    I would love to try the guitar or electric guitar someday. I can transcribe and arrange any music that I listen to.

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