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Musician looking for affordable CIEM recommendations

  1. steve_rolfeca
    I have recording monitors and good headphones for audio editing and recreational use- this purchase is strictly about stage monitoring.

    I'm in Canada, so US and Canadian vendors would be preferred. I'd like to keep the price around $400 - $500 plus impressions, if possible.

    I'm a bassist (5-string bass guitars and 4-string electric upright). I currently use Shure SE425's, and keep my levels lower than most of my friends.

    We use Sennheiser G3 packs, and control our own mono mixes via Presonus QMix UC. We run an ambient room mic.

    Crowded stage, with 6 to 9 players and vocalists. Most of the rhythm section goes direct including electronic drums, and stage and FOH levels are pretty reasonable.

    Desired sound signature:

    Smooth, non-fatiguing treble. I do a lot of seminars and conferrences, so we're often wearing our IEMS for four hours or more at a time.

    Clear, forward mids with good separation and dynamics are job #1. I often work with bandleaders that throw last-minute curveballs at us.

    I don't need or want a huge low end. I already know what my bass sounds like at FOH, and I dislike monitors that swamp the rest of the spectrum with bloated low mids.

    I'm open to other possibilities, but at moment I'm interested in Alclair (based on what I've read, I suspect I might prefer Reference triples over the Dual XB or Tour), Westone (AC20/ES20/ES30), 1964 (A2e/A2/A3), and Custom Art (Music Two or Ei.3).
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
  2. serman005
    Personally, I like the Triple Drivers and the A2e or A2 for your purposes, depending on how much you want to spend, really. Any one of them would work for you, TBH. The Custom Art are nice but some people are uncomfortable dealing with a manufacturer as far away as Poland, so there is that. Might not be an issue, though, for you. Some thoughts. FWIW.
  3. Oscar-HiFi

    I have had the Alclair reference and they would suit your needs perfectly,

    The Inearz P350 are also an excellent choice, the treble is every so slightly smoother on the P350, but both have a well balanced, but slightly smooth sound.

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