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Musica Acoustic Japan Will launch their New website on 13 June 2014

  1. rudi0504
    Hi Head Fi friends

    I want Share information For Head Fi Friends Who like to buy japan audio products

    The New beta Musica Acustic website is more colorful and very informative , now woth more pictures

    Below is email from Dimitri from Musica Acoustic

    New website is due for launch on June 13th.
    I am looking for your feedback as well as if you can post on headfi thread that about our new page and the specials we are offering to celebrate the victory

    Appreciate your support and do not hesitate to inquiry possible.

    Link to new webpage pre release domain page.


    I Hope This information can help every body Who like japan audio produts.
    As We Know as foreigner We can not buy direct from Fujiya Avic , We must use third Party
    Company like Rakuten or Price Of Japan .
  2. erikfreedom
    there is not enough precense of the Japanese stuff on headfi. they have so many incredible amplifiers, the mass kobo stuff is only the tip of the iceberg, there is many more, I have even seen a monster headphone amp made in japan even more expensive than the crayon cha-1.  the Japanese stuff is quality stuff. their tubes amps are second to none, leben, airtight, shindo labs.
    but like with cars, Japanese have a tendency to keep the best stuff for themselves. they will sell only if there is lotsa interest like the stax stuff.
  3. rudi0504

    I am agree With you , thats why i write on Musica Acoustic to sell More japan audio product like on Fujiya Avic

    I like japan Amps too

    Mass Ko Bo 394 and 395
    Ko Jo km 01
    MH Audio MH 11
    Wagnus Epsilon S
    Ibasso HDP R 10
    Ibasso D12 JH
    Venture Craft
    And many more
  4. audionewbi
    He sales a lot of them, I am looking forward to their new website. 
  5. CalvinXC
    Sorry for reviving old thread, but they processed my order for Ortofon tips set like 8 days after my order. Well at least they sent me a confirmation email today and the ETA for my order to arrive. They did include bunch of interesting FitEar bundle in the same email..
  6. DimitriTrush
    I was away on work trip so your order was not processed until now, since last week my assistant was also ill.
    Usually orders are processed within 24 hours.
    Thank you for your patience.
  7. CalvinXC

    Thanks for clearing things up Dimitri, I didn't know anything about Musica Acoustics before placing an order, I was quite surprised to receive my confirmation email directly from the CEO's email address. Finally able to get some Ortofon tips.
  8. DimitriTrush
    Yes I am dealing personally with all my customers since 2010.
    This way I can serve better your needs.. Rest of my team woking in Japanese market.
    I am surprised you have not heard of us before. 
    Will you be using the tips for Fitear?
    BTW, Airmail takes a very long time to Malaysia.
    I even had lost item once too. 
    Will use EMS upgrade for you free of charge. 
    Happy Holidays!
    audionewbi likes this.
  9. audionewbi
    Very happy customer here, always got the price i asked for and I highly recommend them.
  10. DimitriTrush
    Very kind of you to share your thoughts.
    I am flattered here.
    BTW, what is the new hybrid iems that you told me about?
  11. CalvinXC

    I don't quite have the money for a set of Fitear yet, I will using the tips for my Hifiman IEMs. The price is pretty high here at Malaysia for a set of Fitear, but buying overseas won't help either as the custom tax often turn me off.

    For the price of a set of Fitear I can close to get a set of Noble K10, well still the custom tax can't be avoided much. But I do know that Fitear have wonderful mids which I hope one day I can own a pair. According to Jaben, the waiting list for a set of custom Fitear is like waiting forever :rolleyes:

    *Thank you very much for the shipping upgrade. Happy holidays..
  12. audionewbi
    I will email you later. I have nix results but its surely better than ultrasone IQ.
  13. CalvinXC
    Bought Ortofon tips from Musica Acoustics, Dimitri upgraded my shipping to EMS, and he included a surprise in the parcel. Really made my day, or even the whole week. Thanks Dimitri.:D :etysmile:
  14. Synthyss
    Dimitri is an amazing guy to deal with. He listened to my customs problems patiently and together we found a solution. Bought 2 earsonics velvet from him. 
    Thanks man!
    DimitriTrush likes this.
  15. audionewbi
    Yea he is patient and I always manage to get the deals I want, 90% of the time :D
    DimitriTrush likes this.

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