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Music you listen to at work to change your mood

Discussion in 'Music' started by high_q, Jul 31, 2010.
  1. High_Q
    Hi there.  I work in a quiet office environment, and I sit there doing my work most of the day.  It does get very boring and sometimes I get very anxious(because its so darn quiet, creeping me out) and need some music to calm my nerves and uplift my moods.  I was just curious what music people listen to at work to relax them or uplift their moods.
  2. krmathis Contributor
    I usually put on some uplifting electronic music, to get my foot tamping. That usually help if they day is otherwise a bit hard. [​IMG]
    Example "My Mind Is With You" - Aly & Fila with Denise Riviera
  3. Crowe09
    It depends on the lyrics...if i find music with interesting lyrics and rhythm, i listen during my work day. 
  4. chnsawBrutality
    In Flames and Megadeth usually do the trick.  Occasionally I'll play some rap/hip-hop, like P.O.S. or Techn9ne.  I have to be careful though, sometimes I get carried away and start singing and making noise.. [​IMG]
  5. CastanonY


    lol....in what kind of mood are you when listening to that? 
  6. chnsawBrutality
    Just staring into a computer monitor, I'll do anything if it will keep me awake and moving. [​IMG]
    Anything else makes me want to take a nap

  7. JamesChappell


    Yeah, same here....i can fall asleep if i listen romantic songs when working. [​IMG]
  8. CastanonY
    I rather not to listen any song while working...it can make me lose focus. 
    Just listen a bit during my break. And generally listen to Jazz, or classical. 
  9. KingStyles Contributor
    Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
    I only have the power to change how I feel.
  10. chnsawBrutality
    I found out, Bloc Party really keeps things in focus when I'm at work.  Lol.
    Their albums are really peppy

  11. Archer82
    I listen to mostly older Punk Rock, now if I need something to get me all amped up I listen to bands like "The Exploited", "Blood for Blood", "Antidote".  If I just want to be happy and relax while staying awake I listen to "Flogging Molly", "Dropkick Murphys", "William Elliott Whitmore" (bluegrass singer really popular on the Irish punk scene), "The Pogues", "Guttermouth", "The Vandals" etc......
  12. moouers
    Yes, music at work changes my mood. I start off the day relaxed and in good spirits. Then I hear the BS we're forced to listen to over the speakers. The same s*** songs every day for years. I'm instantly forced into a world of anger and subsequent repression, as I understand I have seven hours and 59 minutes to go.
  13. J.Pocalypse
    Mos to the time, my coworkers either listen to rap. When I have control of the radio, I tune into the classical station.
  14. earerror


    I bet your friends are mad at you when you do that. [​IMG]

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