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Music that makes you cry?

Discussion in 'Music' started by sduibek, Jul 30, 2012.
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  1. taffy2207

  2. sagana
    Carved in Stone: The Lady of the Wood
    very touching!

    and my personal "cry song" i listen every time i'm in a bad mood:
    Iron Maiden - Strange World

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  3. Mifi
    Look closely and you see that Billie has tears in her eyes after Lester Young's solo

  4. E8ArmyDiver
    At this point in my life,with all I've been through,it takes a mountain moving to bring me to tears.I first heard this song a few weeks ago.Maybe it was the holidays coming on or maybe way too much 15yo Scotch,don't know.I do know about 10 years of tears just came flooding out about half way through.Hope you like it.
  5. Headphile32
    2 by Dan Fogelberg: 

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  6. Headphile32
    One more great song Mike and the Mechanics - The Living Years
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  7. aphex27

  8. AeroSatan
    These are Days of our Lives, Show Mush Go On - Queen
    Michelle, Girl, Yesterday- The Beatles
    Nutshell, Down in a Hole- Alice in Chains
    Tallullah- jamirioqui
    Super Trooper- Abba
    Fields of Gold, Fragile - Sting
    Somewhere over the Rainbow - IZ
    Jigsaws Falling into Place - Radiohead
    Dogs, WYWH, Shine on you crazy Diamond,Hey You, Comfortably Numb, Any Colour you Like, Marooned, Keep Talking, The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd
    just to name a couple
  9. canali
    -Gordon Lightfoot 'If you could read my mind'...have to say imo one of the most beautiful songs ever written and performed... and sung by a master.

    -Queen 'These are the days of our lives'

    -John Denver 'Annie's song'

    -the Stampeders 'Oh my lady'
  10. pentel21

  11. mshontz
    Music that makes me cry. I have a few examples.

    Forever by Breaking Benjamin
    Almost as if he is already dead, "can i stay alive forever?" As if that was taken from him early, and wasn't ready.

    For albums, I wouldn't say a album at all, but a demo. That is "Origin" by Evanescence, I don't understand why this demo isn't widely mentioned on head-fi because it's nothing less than amazing.
  12. sfviahouston
    Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead makes me cry tears of joy
  13. agentsim

  14. 396629
    Half of Tom Waits' songs.
    The over half make you laugh
  15. eyal1983

    Annie - Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)


    Bebel Gilberto - Lonely


    Blackmore's Night - Ocean Gypsy


    Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged


    Gipsy Kings - Un Amor

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