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Music Direct

  1. dclancy
    Note: Did not see a Music Direct feedback thread, so I apologize if I missed it.

    Stopped in this weekend and drove passed it twice till I saw a guy walk out of a building holding a Music Direct bag. Just keep your eyes open and don't be afraid, just ring the bell and ask to get buzzed in.
    First thoughts was that the main show room is a bit sparse, most of the goodies are in back for shipping. My advise, do your homework on their website first and come in with your shopping list.
    Swung by only to pick up a pair of replacement Grado pads, and a grado mini adaptor, was greeted by the staff, and helped immediately without a hitch. They answered all my questions and were very personable.
    I left spending too much money!! My will power was weak.
    My only regret is I forgot to ask about pre-ordering the new Brian Jonestown LP, my own mistake, but can do that online.
    It was a bit of a drive for me, but well worth my time on a lazy afternoon just out check out the shop. While I won't be going down there every week, it's nice to know that if I want to make a big purchase, I can swing by and pick up in person, otherwise I can order from the site and get it delivered to my door.
    Love to match a name with a face.
    Thanks Guys/Gal.
  2. mikemalter
    I have ordered a lot of stuff from Music Direct over the years and they have always been good.
  3. aceofd1amonds
    I've been in twice and I've ordered online and on the phone. Great folks, great knowledge, and excellent customer service!
  4. Ahzari


    Wasn't sure about Music Direct, purchasing a turntable from them, this thread helped.. Once I get my table I'll post a review on my experience with them.
    thanks guys.
  5. fzman Contributor
    Please feel free to pm or email me about your experiences with Music Direct, good or bad, and more so if there is something i can do for you.
    Best regards,
  6. manizkrishnan
    I have bought couple of DACs from Music Direct. I have always had great customer experience with them. 
  7. anlh22
    I recently purchased an Oppo HA-2SE dac from Music Direct online. Decent selection of audio products and free shipping. These guys are legit and I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.

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