Music Copy for SD Cards app
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Aug 5, 2015
I mentioned it on the X5 2.50 firmware forum but I'll add it here too, I've been working on an app to copy data from my music folder to an SDCard based on tags rather than filenames and use the album-artist rather than the artist (like the Fiio library does).

You can download it here and the source code is here - all free under an MIT license.
You're welcome to change it.
Use this at your own risk, I'm not liable for any modifications or loss of your data. Always create a backup.
If you can think of anything you might like it to do let me know.
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It's to make the browsing quicker - I don't like the built in one so using the file system is quicker and more organised (uses album aritst, can do Genre properly, rename filenames to be uniform - based on tags etc)
I'll probably add Genre and rename support in the next version.

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