Music City Mini-Whiskey-Fi Meet - Nashville Area, Saturday June 2, 2018

  1. kilkil
    Date/Time: Saturday June 2, 2018 / 2pm CT Start

    Location: About an hour east of Nashville, 2 hours north of Chattanooga, 2 hours west of Knoxville
    1847 Puckett Point Rd, Smithville, TN 37166
    Best approach: I-40 to Exit #273 that is TN56 South. Cross the bridge, then Puckett Point Rd will be on your left.
    The house is 1.7 miles down Puckett Point Rd, on the left side.

    For the people coming from Kentucky on I65, I don't recommend getting off the interstate before exit 38 in KY due to small curvy country road driving for many hours. Thus i recommend exit 38 or exit 2 in KY.

    : The house is on the left side of the road with a driveway that can hold 4 cars (2 must be compact). Across the street there is a light blue garage, that is also mine, it has another 6-8 parking spaces, plus parking on grass as needed (just past the house on the left side of the road and around the garage, making sure not to block my neighbors driveways).

    : Feel free to bring food to share. It has been requested, I'll be making Beer Brats and Burgers and possibly something else.

    : Please bring Whiskey to share.

    This meet is kind of an impromptu meet due to discussions of Bourbon on

    Thus probably light on the headphone front. Though expect a great time enjoying Whiskey and the Lake.
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  2. RCBinTN
    Thanks, Tom.
    I will bring my AK240/Oppo HA-2 + LCD-4 headphones.
    Hopefully some Rowan's Creek bourbon thanks to Joe @JabenZ!
    See y'all soon!
  3. JabenZ
    Thanks Tom. I will bring the Beyerdynamic T1, HD800S and HDV820. I will also bring the woodford reserve double oaked.
  4. RCBinTN
    Any other confirmed attendees besides us three and Kevin?
    Should I send a broadcast PM out to previous attendees - what do you think, Tom?
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  5. kilkil
    I thought @buke9 was interested. I talked to @DelsFan directly and he may come, but not much of a whiskey guy.

    I'm open to a broadcast PM, since no one would have predicted a quick mini-meet, instead of our larger yearly meet.
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  6. RCBinTN
    OK, I will work on that this afternoon.
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  7. buke9
    Well still haven’t decided yet as I know I’ll need a ride if we are drinking bourbon and haven’t got the wife onboard just yet though. If I do come it will definitely be a minimal setup up as my Yggy has got to be sent in for repairs. The usb jack has broken off and inside the unit so going to have the Gen 5 usb put in at the same time would love to upgrade to the new Analog 2 but the bank account is crying after 10 days in Greece. If I do come how many bourbons do you want? My OKI 12 year olds aren’t leaving the house till I find some to replace them. I’ve got several finished bourbons that I like a lot and good straight bourbons. OKI is one of my favorites and will definitely be coming and just depends on how many you guys want to try.
    My Angels Envy Cast strength 2016 is probably my favorite and have a 2017 that I have opened so if wanted can bring that also.
    Blood Oath finished in Cabernet Sauvignon very nice.
    Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Cask.
    Jefferson’s Reserve Prichard Hill Cabernet cask.
    Woodford Reserve Master Collection Cherry smoked Barley.
    Rhetoric 23 year old Orphan Barrel.
    Barterhouse 20 year old Orphan Barrel.
    Henry McKeena 10 year old bottled in bond.
    Have a few others but these are the ones not highly traveled and I think are good.
    Got Michter’s Whiskey,Bourbon and Rye, Four Roses single and small batch, Blantons, Knob Creeks and Bookers and some I’m forgetting.
    Like I said I have as much bourbons as I do headphones.
  8. kilkil
    @buke9 you and the wife are welcome to spend the night at the house. I think Kevin and Joe might also.

    As for bourbons, I'm happy with any you are willing to bring, you make my collection feel small.
  9. rmoody
    Should be able to make it with as much notice.

    I'll see if Rohan can make it, he's decided to procreate, so doubtful. But I'll sure ask.

    So, I've still not gotten my Fiio fixed. Shipped the thing to China, they didn't deliver it and it's presumably on it's way back. Got a AK240 and love it, except for battery life.
  10. buke9
    Will try to throw some more music on my QP1R for @rmoody but can’t promise anything. I hope Rohan can make it though. Kinda lost with my Yggy being down but I think the Mojo will do just fine.

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