Music City Meet, Nashville Fall 2016 -- Pictures and Impressions Thread

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  1. rtaylor76

    Since you sold your WA6SE, I am curious what you will replace it with.
  2. JoeDoe

    Currently trying to pare down a bit. Would like to get my hands on a MAD Ear+.
  3. rtaylor76
    And just to clarify, I think I was less than half on the space before I checked the PayPal account. All is good. You guys are awesome!

    And I still found it very fitting many of you guys with European cars coming to a headphone meet at a museum with the largest European car collection in the U.S.
  4. DelsFan
    Thanks JoeDoe for bringing this up; I only had to drive 20 minutes (in my European car) and I didn't bring any food or head-fi gear.
    So spill: What remains uncollected from your total expenses so I can make up a reasonable portion of the difference? [​IMG]
  5. rtaylor76

    Sure. I guess technically I am acting President and Treasurer of the group...

    Cost of rental space: $250
    $6 per Attendee (15): $90
    Lane Motor Museum Member Discount: ($50)

    Total Rental Cost: $290

    Gross Donations: ($295) !!!!!
    PayPal fees: $7.48

    Final Total: $2.48

    And that is really counting...$2.48 short. And I will leave my contribution the snacks and drinks and that is why you guys are so awesome.

    I really like the Lane, but I'd really want better working WiFi and possibly a space that would not cost as much. And so you know, I did look into hotel spaces, and they too wanted about the same amount for half the space and would have included 22% gratuity and sales tax added...making it a total rental about $325, and we would have not been able to bring in food and drinks. This size space at a hotel would have been over $500....that is how much the Days Inn room costs before gratuity and taxes, meaning total is about $600. So I think we came out pretty great!

    If anyone has ideas for spaces in Nashville that you would think would work for cheap, feel free to let us know.
  6. RCBinTN
    Awesome job, Ryan, and on short notice when You stepped up to organize this meet.  Well done, sir!
    I am really happy to read that folks have funded the venue.  Thanks to all.
    I am sure everybody who attended the meet appreciates your effort.  Nobody expected a change in leadership, but that's what it may be...although I hope and pray that we cross paths with @Theogenes again.  After all, Burnley organized the first NV meets and he's one of my headphone heros for that work.
    Great accounting of the expenses.  Seems reasonable, and less expensive, as you wrote, compared to hotels unless we go out a ways from Nashville.  As a group, we can not allow the organizer to bear the costs - need to find a better way.  Maybe that's why Burnley got out, I don't know. However, we should re-group IMO and decide how we are gonna make these meets happen in the future. Crowd funding only goes so far - we should have a more stable plan.
    Maybe we could reach out to the organizers of the Canlanta or other bigger meets related to how they fund their events.  I am willing to do that, if you want me to.
    I am willing to support the effort and help to try to grow our meets.  
    My contact info is:
    (615) 793-0110
    All the Best -
  7. buke9
    Canlanta charged to get in so that was a lot of it. Lots of vendors also. It was also the last time I saw Brunley.
  8. rtaylor76
    Thanks @RCBinTN!

    I definitely with you, a croudfunded will only go so far. I'd really like some more organization involved for sure, and some more involvement from other companies.

    I'll email soy soon Dick.
  9. rmoody
    I'm really relieved to hear that the cost was covered. I was feeling guilty honestly because I was not able to contribute as much as I did last meet. Many things have changed in the Moody household since then, sigh. I'd love to see some vendors again, Dan especially, Emotiva is right there, I'd like them to bring power conditioners maybe a small two channel setup. Ultimate Ears has a location in Nashville, one of only 4 in the US for getting their reference custom tuned IEMs, it'd be neat to see them.
    Charging at the gate is an idea, but could put off new members. My first meet I had no idea that Burley was shouldering the cost. I didn't know until after the second meet I attended.
    Well done Ryan other than wireless and some temperature issues, I felt the location was very nice. The cars were a welcome break from listening. Maybe they will upgrade the wireless, who knows.
  10. rtaylor76
    There is also a regional Shure distributor in town and Shure does sell some high end headphones and IEM's. Lots of changes of pro crossover. I see the pro audio community going crazy on a new Rupert Neve $500 headphone amp.

    I tried to get Auclair, as they have a local rep that does demos, but he was busy that day. They also do CIEM molds here in Nashville for free.not really custom tuned, but they have universal demos for when they do fittings.

    There are many ways to have some kind of inclusion fee, but still have incentives for attracting new members. This is why I want to try to find a place that is cheap as possible. Also, at this rate, it might be good to only do one meet a year instead of two to create more of an event, like "Canlata", etc.

    And Thanks again! It was so much fun. So glad everyone enjoyed it.
  11. RCBinTN
    Just FYI, the door prize list from RMAF...
    Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2016 CanJam @ RMAF Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway!
    Winner IDPrize
    ELLENVDarin Fong Audio Out Of Your Head license and all 27 speaker preset licenses
    LEONARDLoBravo eamt-1c in-ear monitor
    ALANFHolo Audio Titanis Turbo 300ma version
    KENKOHTAstell&Kern AK XB10
    CORBINMFostex TH-610
    ANTHONYF1More Titanium Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone
    ERICTJH Audio custom JH|16 PROv2
    PRICEKUltrasone PRO550i
    DALLISWRupert Neve Designs RNHP
    YOUNGLSchiit Audio Jotunheim with DAC module
    MIAOWestone W40
    MICHAELKMeze 12 Classics IEM
    ROBERTPAFocal Sphear
    NADIMADFinal F7200
    DAVEHAcoustic Research M2, leather case, and imedance adaptor
    TYSONWEchobox Audio Finder X1 earphones
    MATTHEWQ1 - 3ft Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB cable
    MICHAELWAtomic Floyd SuperDarts Titanium
    KEVINCCavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2.0
    ZACHARYWZMF Headphones Eikon
    PATTIPEtymotic ER4XR
    CHRISMClear Tune Monitors VS-2
    VICTORMJDS Labs Element and RCA cables
    BOBSRHA T20i
    BENGKitsune HiFi 1.5M RCA 75ohm digital coax cable with carbon fiber connector and copper with rhodium

    Congratulations to the winners!
  12. RCBinTN
    Thanks guys for the ideas about potential vendors.  I also had a discussion with @jazzfuze about meet ideas.  I plan to contact Matt regarding CanLanta, he was one of the organizers there.  Will come back with more ideas and suggestions for y'all to consider.
  13. Dillan
    Thought I'd let you guys know.. I'm selling the LeeLoo amplifier. If you didn't get a chance to hear it, it's an amazing little device that powers even my LCD-4 with ease. It's a pure tube design that sounds so clean you'd think it was a hybrid. Selling it WAY below retail.

    Pm me!
  14. JoeDoe

  15. JoeDoe
    Alright fellas, impressions incoming...
    First, big shout out to @rtaylor76 for going the extra mile$ to find a site! So glad that someone was willing to do a little hunting for a venue, and then lock that venue down for us. As far as the venue goes, I certainly thought it worked just fine! Quiet, plenty of outlets, easy to find/unload, not to mention a unique place with some non-head-fi attraction as well! Would be cool to use a different place with some sort of additional feature like the museum each time we meet!
    ...the gear. 
    • Audeze LCD-4: Best offering from Audeze I've heard. Still laid back compared to my Grados, but certainly not overly dark and slow like the LCD-2. I loved the low end definition the 4 offered, and was pleasantly surprised at the quickness to be found uptop. Sounded great from my WA6SE, but really kicked it up a notch coming from @Dillan's rig with the uber-powerful Milo. Would I shell out for the asking price on a headphone like this? Certainly not. But if I won one is a raffle, it might take a while before I'd consider selling it. 
    • Wells Audio Milo: Certainly solid state. Certainly well-built. And certainly powerful. Seriously, could anyone handle getting ANY headphone past 10 o'clock on this thing? Who the heck needs 10+ watts into 32 ohms!? Sound was tight, clean, and aggressive. For you anti-tubers, this amp is one to take a look at. I would imagine that planars would play particularly well here.
    • Ampsandsound Kenzie and Leeloo: Both amps were beautiful just to look at - the build quality was wonderful. I felt like I went back a few decades to a time before CDs and mp3s! It was also nice seeing that both the ampsandsound pieces were a little smaller than their pictures make them out to be. Certainly desktop friendly. I was very glad to see that their sound matched up. I only got a short listen on the Leeloo with the HD800S and RS1, but what I did hear was very nice. Thick low end, rich mids, and to my ears, just a touch smooth on the very upper end, but certainly not rolled off or syrupy. That little extra down low played wonderfully with the Senns and Grados I tried.I wish I'd gotten to spend more time with this one... The Kenzie was probably the meet favorite for me. Once again, I only had a short time at @buke9's table, but plugging in both the HD800S and PS1000 led to wonderful results. I thought the balance the Kenz strikes between power, finesse, and tube-ness is just wonderful. Both the headphones I used with it appreciated the magic the tubes imparted, and if I'd had more time, I'd have asked if I could've taken it to my table to play with my EE Minimax+. I haven't been more tempted to spend $$$ on a piece of head-fi gear as much as I have after hearing the Kenzie. 
    • Woo WA5: And yet again, I wish I'd had more time to spend with this beast, especially since I had the WA6SE at my table! Definitely plenty of rich, raw power to be found with the WA5. HD800S and LCD-X sounded great out of it. Even though there were gobs of power, I didn't feel like details were being shoved down my throat like some other TOTL amps I've heard. I certainly see the appeal of this guy and was very glad to have a second chance to check it out!
    Sorry my impressions are so short, but that's what happens when you spend more time chatting it up with the cool head-fi crew in lieu of playing with expensive toys! See y'all next time!
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