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Music Apps, Tips and Tricks for the LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by csglinux, Jan 3, 2018.
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  1. Dangerous1
    I've purchased a V30 for dirt cheap off ebay. Ticks the boxes for not much money.

    I have some tin T2s which have been decent. I'm wondering if anyone has tried them with this phone, or has some other recommendations

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  2. Flixxx
    Did Neutron fix the upsampling problem on Android 9? I cant find any reliable informations :?
  3. csglinux
    Yes. Neutron and UAPP are both good now on Android 9.
  4. Born2Cuddle
    I just want to make sure I am getting this right (I have a new v35 ThinQ, which I assume works the same)...

    If I want to get into aux mode (which is the highest gain it can do) I simply unplug the cable from the headphones, plug the cable in, wait a few seconds and then plug the headphones back into the cable?

    And If I want to get HiFi mode (which is medium gain) I plug the extension cable you like to in all by itself then plug the headphones into it?

  5. Chris Kaoss
    Hifi-Mode = standard
    Aux-Mode = mid gain
    50Ohm HIM = high gain.

    To force aux just unplug the left connection of your headphone.

    To force HIM (high gain) you need a short extension cable and a >50 ohm headphone or an adapter above 50 ohm.

    Plug the extension cable with the adapter or >50ohm headphone in the jack, than unplug adapter/headphone from extension cable and connect your preferred headphone to the cable.

    Have fun. :)
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  6. Born2Cuddle
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  7. Knightsfan11
    Just got my V30+ last night. Impressed by the clean sound through my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's. I have a pair of Nuraloops coming next month, hopefully, so will be interested to see how they perform over BT. Also have a pair of Westone W30's which I'll test out at some point.

    Was pretty disappointed about the volume capping with this phone, but have figured out the trick of unplugging headphone cable, plug into phone, plug cable back into headphone - I get up to about 55 for comfortable volume level listening.

    Any tips with using/setting up USB Audio Player Pro? I downloaded it after reading many people rave about it. I'll only be using it for music stored on my device, as I don't use Tidal. I use Pocket Casts for podcasts & my own downloaded music.

    Any other suggestions for improvements, greatly appreciated.
  8. Pro-Jules
    I found usb audio pro On my Hiby R6 Pro ONLY worked when streaming - not on my downloaded Qobuz files. (I was very sad to learn this) But that was on a totally different device. I found the best solution to using eq was a seeking out pair of iems with a sound signature that required no tweaking.
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  9. monsieurfromag3
    UAPP only works with streaming for Qobuz and Tidal, for licensing reasons. But @Knightsfan11 won’t have trouble with locally stored music. However the main interest of UAPP is precisely bit-perfect playback for Tidal and Qobuz, bypassing Android's mixer; for properly formatted, locally stored files in multiples of 44.1kHz it won’t do better than LG’s native app if I’m not mistaken.
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