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Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by beatswork, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. BeatsWork
    Mind you the author runs AIX records but sound like it could be an interesting read/listen.
    Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound is my latest project. After reading a number of the books and lots of online articles on high-end audio, it became obvious to me that getting accurate, honest, unbiased, information on high-end audio can be challenging. Many, if not most, magazine and online sources seem to tilt in the direction of their advertisers or cater to the prevailing views about audiophile accessories or tweaks. They operate mostly in the subjective space and offer personal opinion as authoritative facts. This is especially true as "high-resolution audio" continues to grow. So I've decided to write a book on music and audio. The goal is to offer a comprehensive text, demo files, test tones, and comparison tracks to elevate your listening experience...and knowledge.

    The accompanying sampler will available on a Blu-ray disc, USB card as well as download files on iTrax.com. Stay tuned for additional information at our websites.

    We're launching a crowd source, Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing, disc replication, and shipping expenses associated with the new book and disc. "Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound" will be available in the first half of 2016. The Kickstarter campaign launches on September 14, 21015, just a week or so away. If you would like to get your hands on the book and demonstration media, please sign up below and we'll keep you posted on EARLY BIRD specials and a chance to win a free copy of the book and disc.
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    The Music and Audio Blu-ray Disc
    The book will come with an accompanying Blu-ray disc containing more than a dozen of my favorite recordings…tracks that demonstrate what real high-resolution music actually sounds like. It's impossible to know how great music can sound until you’ve heard recordings that exceed the boundaries of standard-res compact discs or analog formats. The demo tracks will be presented in traditional stereo and two different 5.1 surround mixes. Users can easily switch between the mixes by using the AUDIO button on your remote. Maybe you’ll discover, as many AIX Records fans have, that sitting in the middle of an ensemble is more engaging than simple stereo.

    The disc will also include comparisons between different formats like 256 kilo bit per second MP3s, CD spec fidelity, and high-resolution sound. You’ll be able to instantly switch between these different resolutions and see for yourself if high-res music and hardware necessary to reproduce it is worth your dollars. Maybe MP3 fidelity is good enough. Or how about hearing the same piece of music after being mastered with heavy dynamics compression and then comparing it against the “pure” mix with all of the musical dynamics left as they were played by the musicians? Imagine hearing a discrete 5.1 mix realized for any pair of headphones? It’s all going to be on the Blu-ray disc.

    There will be a complete set of test tones with detailed instructions as well as the previously described music examples and comparisons. Test your system with channel ID tones, phase and crossover tests, and frequency sweeps in a variety of formats. As the owner of all of the content on the Blu-ray demonstration disc, you can be sure that I’ll be able to deliver the project on time without having to worry about licenses from other labels.
    About the Author
    Mark Waldrep has been a member of The Recording Academy for more than 15 years,and serves on the Consumer Electronics Association Audio Board, and the High-Res Technical Working Group of the Audio Engineering Society.

    His production company, AIX Media Group, was responsible for the first DVD-Video titles in the US back in March of 1997 and the first DVD-Audio titles three years later.

    But it wasn't until the launch of the DVD-Audio format in 2000 that Dr. Waldrep decided to engineer and produce new high-resolution recordings. Fifteen years later, the AIX Records catalog is one of the largest collections of native high-resolution music on the planet, albums that were actually recorded using high-res equipment.

    Dr. AIX travels the world sharing his expertise in music and audio as a frequent keynote speaker, panelist, and audio authority. And now, he's decided to write a book on these topics.

    It will nice to hear from a professional audio engineer, university professor, and music producer...for a change.
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    dunno about the book, but for the dvd content, I feel like I already had and tried all the examples by myself. not that I expect those kind of test tracks to contain magic, but it does not really make me want it. (but again the book might be great who knows).
    side note, most of your links don't work for me
  3. RRod
    Heard a good speech by Waldrep on Youtube a while back. Actually really sensible about everything, and in fact only went a bit "mystic" when he got to his rationale for hi-res (go figure). His multiple-perspectives philosophy on recording is certainly intriguing. Probably something I'd give a read after finishing up Winer's book.
  4. BeatsWork
    Which links?  All of the intended links work for me but I did notice that when I opened thread without logging in that random words like "Stereo" and "Headphone" in Details (Spoiler function) had links which don't appear after logging in. HF experimenting with contextual advertising?  Very strange ....
  5. castleofargh Contributor
    only itrax sends me somewhere. and I get server not found for the rest.
  6. BeatsWork
    If anyone is interested:

    The Music and Audio Guide Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

    It's official. The Kickstarter Campaign for my new book and accompanying Blu-ray disc is active over at the Kickstarter site. Click here to check it out. I launched it at 7:30 am and we've already passed 100 supporters. I'm hoping you might want to join the early birds while there are still specials available.

    This book will tell it to your straight. I'll share some of what I've learned from a career as an audio professional and record producer. Improve your listening experience without spending a lot of money.
  7. wnmnkh Contributor
    Pledged $60 (+15) tier, which seems to be the most popular choice.
  8. arnyk
    Something does not smell right to me when an well known advocate of so called hi res audio promises : "A no nonsense book on music & audio and Blu-ray disc provides everything you need to know to improve the fidelity of your music system."
  9. BeatsWork

    Agree hence my disclaimer on his link to AIX records. I am not advocating purchase in any way - "hi-res" aside his commentary is pretty reasonable so was at least willing to give it consideration.
  10. arnyk
    Mark seems to me to be pretty backwards, technically.
    For example in this blog entry here: http://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=5031 and  http://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=5150  he takes the ancient and widely discredited approach of dueling sighted listening evaluations. We can easily do a lot better than that!
    In a so-called high resolution listening test that he tried to set up on the AVS forum, he provided defective listening test files with clearly audible faults having nothing to do with high rez audio that several could detect in blind listening tests, and demonstrate graphically with technical tests.
    I'll bet his clock is right at least twice a day! :wink:
  11. wnmnkh Contributor
    Mark did single-blind test for this Regen thing, with volume matched and stuffs. Those two guys he brought 'guessed correctly' (but I am not sure if he did enough to make a viable result statistically....) while Mark himself admitted that he could not hear any differences whatsoever. Of course, his remarks made a lot of enemies in Computer Audiophile, where Regen is FOTM.
    And please Arny, that long fighting with Amir is more than enough for rest of us. You can drop it now.
  12. arnyk
    Why are you gratuitously dredging up Amir?  The AVS tests were not his work product.
    Mark's Blog tests were obviously invalid. Why are you both defending and criticizing them?  Are you confused?
  13. Allanmarcus
    So, did anyone buy this book? Any good?
  14. Arpiben
    No, I am awaiting for a book dealing with the trillions taps reconstruction filters.
    It seems to be the last fashion among hardware and software audio companies.
    Obviously kidding.
  15. Allanmarcus
    I read Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms by toole (3rd edition) and found it pretty good. I have not read Get Better Sound by Jim Smith <http://getbettersound.com/index.php>. Anyone read that one?
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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