Munich Highend 2017 Show Report

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  1. AManAnd88Keys
    The second part of my HifiDeluxe Munich 2017 impressions is now online, at the bottom of page 2 of this thread.
  2. bmichels
    May be I missed something but I cant find your report on the Quad electrostats ?
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    By chance somebody heard the Soekris 1541 R2R Sign Magnitude DAC?
  4. raypin
    mm..@bmichels, no report on Zero Uno Tube-DAC??
  5. bmichels
    well, it was just on display, no working units ;-(
  6. AManAnd88Keys
    No you're right, I completely forgot to put Quad in... I've edited the post, have a look :nerd:
  7. Joe Skubinski
    ABYSS Headphones We engineer, machine, and build our headphones from scratch in New York, USA. Stay updated on ABYSS Headphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  8. bmichels
  9. bmichels
    Some pictures from the A&K booth (published on A&K Facebook)

    The test team....

    Bertrand-Walter-Owen Kwon.jpg

    some nice guys...

    And our Test system :) : AK ultima SP1000 + Shure KSE1500 compared to AK380 + Shure KSE1500
    SP1000-Shure KSE1500.jpg
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  10. crabdog
    You are right the AR-M200 does sound really good, though I do hope they improve the UI before release. It's very utilitarian in design and focus is all about the sound.

    I just received the AR-H1 and the build quality is very nice indeed. The highs do seem to be a little on the edgy side but I've not had much listening time yet so take this with a grain of salt.

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