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Multiple earbuds for sale.

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  1. Stevemitchell
    For Sale
    Superseded by new thread.
    Recently, I seem to have invested heavily in earbuds.  I've sold off one, and have one left, with a new price.

    For Sale:

    Westone UM3X/3X - True Triple Armature Drivers In-ear Monitor Professional

    With Shipping, I paid $340 for them on 10/25/11.  I am asking $275.00 - You will pay shipping.
    (Another point.  I will NOT ship w/o insurance.  It protects both of us.  :) )
    Then I bought:
    Sennheiser IE 8 Earphones
    The pair of Sennheiser IE8's is what I'm sticking with for now.  :)

  2. to20000tr
     sent a PM to you[​IMG]
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