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multiple conductor cables to a #26 gauge feed wire?

  1. Happy Camper
    I have my HE-6s disassembled for mods and was looking at the very small feed wire coming from the cable connection to the panel connection. I was going to upgrade my headphone cable but seeing this small wire has me debating the investment. For those with the experience, why bring in a multi conductor wire to strangle it down to a single small gauge wire? Why not use a small gauge wire throughout? I know we are bringing in as much signal as possible with the multi conductor cable but then can the benefits be heard using that small gauge?
  2. Speedskater
    There are two factors in a wire to consider. Length and diameter.  So the longer the wire the greater the diameter needs to be.
  3. Steve Eddy
    Or to put it another way, the resistance of a very short length of a small gauge wire will likely be far less than a long length of a larger gauge wire. The resistance of a pair of 26 gauge wires three inches long is only 0.02 ohms. The resistance of a pair of 20 gauge wires ten feet long is about 0.2 ohms, an order of magnitude greater. To put it yet another way, it's nothing to worry about.


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