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Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

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  1. kobetastic
    Hi joker, I was wondering if you could recommend me an upgrade from the Westone w2s. I really enjoy them but I was wondering how much better can it get. Is there an iem with a much different sound signature or improved sound quality that would be better than the w2s? Also my budget would be around $300. Thank you for your reviews i bought three iems based on your thread!
  2. cloudycloud
    Joker - Any interest in the Vsonic VC1000's foudn here?  Vsonic has a great track record and they are another knowles duel BA found around the price range of the R-50.  Apparently from initial reviews they are more fun and with more bass than the typical dual BA.
  3. ljokerl Contributor
    I have an 8.A but no experience with the 4.A or 4.Ai
    First off, I don't test how tolerant earphones are of being EQ'd these days so I won't be of much help on that front, but I would think a dynamic driver would be more up your alley than an armature. I know it's nowhere near the top of your price range but I think you would enjoy the Yamaha EPH-100 for its natural (i.e. un-EQd) deep bass and strong midrange presence.
    That plus the 1964-V3 as your armature might be a good combo for you, if you want to risk a custom as your first high-end armature earphone.
    If you are looking to stay with a v-shaped sound, you can pick up a JVC FXT90 for around that much these days. It's more balanced than the S4 but still far from flat/neutral. If you want to spend a little less, the Audio-Technica CKM-500 would be a good one as well. Even less than that - VSonic GR02 Bass Edition. 
    Unless you have specific improvements in mind I doubt you can really upgrade from the W2 for less than $300. There's tons with a different signature that are good - the VSonic GR07BE would be one, for example, for a less mid-centric sound. 

    I've reviewed the GR01, which is a VSonic dual BA with a Knowles driver. I am not sure how the VC1000 differs from that model.
  4. Killashell421
    Ayo joker thanks for the advice im gonna get the vsonic gr02
    Just one more question does the bass edition have the grey cable? Because theres three models on amazon and i dont kno which ones which?
    Heres the link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s_ss_i_3_8?ie=UTF8&k=vsonic+gr02&i=aps&spre
  5. putente
    Will you review it soon and add it to your chart? [​IMG]
  6. zerocoolhifi
    Just get them from here - direct from lendmeurears - ships from the US arrives in about 4 days.
  7. danikus
    Hi Joker, thank you for answering my question i asked you recently and now i've another, more difficult question. I'm planning on moving on from soundmagic e30, my budget is <100$. I listen to a lot of ambient music, metal (death, black, doom..), folk, new age, post rock and many other genres. The sound i think i would prefer is: enveloping and the-bigger-the-better soundstage, separation, balanced, not fatiguing. I'm thinking of buying fxt-90, but i'm not sure that soundstage will be big enough and highs may be too fatiguing.
    Thank you for your work here! Really looking forward to coming reviews :)
  8. ljokerl Contributor
    You would want something that specifically says bass edition. The cable on it is gray, but it's gray on some other versions of the GR02 as well (for example the "silver edition").
    In due time - I just got it a week or so ago [​IMG]
    How do you find the bass and treble quantity of the E30? Because the FXT90 has more of both and if you find the balance of the E30 to your liking you may want to look something that's flatter than the FXT90. 
  9. Horsethief
    Thanks Joker,
    I appreciate the recommendation.  I'm leaning toward the EPH-100 right now.  What would you think of the MTPG vs. the EPH-100?  I only ask because I see the MTPG is $150 on Amazon right now (and is Prime eligible).
  10. Amitl
    can anyone please explain to me...why would
    anyone go for a 150$ BA IEM instead of a 150$ Dynamic IEM?
    i don't have any experience with BA but i understand
    then generally if you go for BA you get some sibilance and lack of bass,
    but if you go for dynamic you get more bass and less sibilance and harshness.
    i mean...do some people just dont like the bass?
    sorry for being naive maybe
    im not talking about overpowering bass.
    i mean, for example :
    why would anyone chose the VSonic GR01 over the Yamaha EPH100?
    the Yamaha has more bass and less chance of harshness....
  11. Lifted Andreas
    Just wanna say the Yamaha EPH100 are amazing. Anyone who buys them and enjoys their electronic music won't be disappointed.
  12. Impulse
    That seems like a big generalization Amitl...
  13. rawrster
    Seeing as I haven't bought much earphones since I got the JH5 things have certainly changed. I was thinking about getting a universal as my S4 died. I was thinking the $200-300 range and looking at Amazon there's the W3 and the SM2 from Earsonics. Are those still good options or has the quality gone up since then? The signature I'm looking for is more towards the W3 kind of signature however but never heard an Earsonics so not sure how that would go really.
  14. danikus
    Well, a little bit punchier and faster bass would work for me, as well as more treble quantity, but again - just a little bit. Do you think the hifiman re-400 is a safer choice for me? And what about soundstage? Thanks again!
  15. Peculier
    Just curious... How does the CK10 stack up against more recent models of IEMs? Is it still relevant?
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