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Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

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    So would you say the S2 (more expensive) is worth the extra over the S1,  since you mentioned they sound very similar.
  2. dagraham
    Hi ljoker,
    Have to say this thread is amazingly helpful and I would appreciate some advice.
    After alot of research, mainly on this forum, I bought my first set of IEM's , the Brainwwavz M2.
    Overall i'm quite happy with it and it sounds good but I think it just has too much bass for my taste. The level of detail has impressed me and on some genres like EDM and pop, it sounds great (something like Blondie's Atomic just sounds awesome!).
    Problem is, for me anytime there is a bass heavy track I feel the bass takes over too much and more often than not i find myself reaching for the bass reducer setting on my iphone.
    It is very musical but when i listen to something like Simon & Garfunkel the bass resonates too much for me and detracts from the sound. My favoutite band is Pink Floyd and I find that the guitars and highs seem recessed for me and I want them to stand out more.
    I like to hear the bass but there is just a bit too much rumble for me.
    I'm not an audiophile so i'm probably not making any sense but that's the best way I can describe it. I do still want something which sounds good across genres though as i listen to all sorts(except dubstep and very rarely R & B and Hip Hop).
    I'm considering the Fischer Audio DBA -02 Mark11. Do you think this is a good choice for me sound wise?
    I'm concerned about a couple of things
    1) Are the microphonics that bad? i wear glasses so ear hooks are out of the question. I found on the m2 it is difficult to wear over the ear as the cable is really springy.
    The DBA-02 Mark 11 now comes with a cable cinch. Will this help?
    2) I'll be listening to mp3 dowloaded at 256 and ripped CD's. Will the fischer's make all my music sound awful?
    3) my source will be the iphone 4 or maybe Samsung Galaxy S4. Is this sufficient for these headphones?
    Sorry about the long and rambling post and thanks for any advice
  3. dfrost

    I've been using DBA-02's (Mk I version) for about three years straight out of iPod, iPad and Blackberry, and they are still fabulous. Micrphonics have never been an issue with them, with or without using a cable clinch. I did have BTG Audio add Westone-type sockets to my second pair and I'm using them with a Westone EPICS cable that includes memory wire that is absolutely no problem with my glasses. The original twisted Fischer cable was fine over ear, but not sure how the flat cable of the Mk II would behave.

    I, too, notice that bass-heavy IEM's, like my JVC FXT-90's are less pleasant with bass-heavy mixes, and listen to apparently some of same musical genres as you (love Pink Floyd on the DBA's). My music is all 256 and 320 mbs AAC, and my older ears think it all sounds great from the Fischers. I have always gotten a good seal using Shure "grey soft flex" single flange tips so no bass complaints here. If I were buying in this price class again, I'd go immediately to the Brainwavz B2 (same as DBA-02 Mk I). I have also been quite happy with my newer MEElec A161P's (also worn over-ear, BTW), but still find the DBA's to be clearer and slightly "better", despite theA161's slightly nicer bass.
  4. tan1415
    I joined the deal offered by hisound. I am real curious how these bassheavy IEM will sound.
    In the past i have been looking to other Bassheavy IEMs like the Atrio or Hippo VB. How does this compare with those older IEMs?
    Really curious about this IEMs and can't wait till i get it.
    I love subbass and use subwoofer for my HT setup. To be honest I was never able to integrate it perfectly for music. So I am curious how a bassmonster would work with IEM. Good integration i hope.
    PS Hope it's not like the meelec M6/9 soundwise. Wasn't my cup of tea. Just highs and bass.
  5. kylezo
    This is great input. I wonder, have you ever listened to GR07's? I'm tossed up between them and the B2/DBA-02.
  6. jam3s121
    could anyone recommend the best balanced iem around $70? I listen to mainly edm music and isolation is important planning to use them in a gym and outside walking around. I could spend $100 if its warranted, i could use some advice this thread has so many to pick from I'm not sure where to go.
    My personal headphones are v moda m100's (which I love) and my ad700's (which are great for gaming) I prefer the sound signature of my v moda m100s.
  7. MrGuzmanWhite
    One option is the HiFiMan RE-400, great balanced sound (but not boring in any way, quite musical, nice tuning), good clarity and soundstage and very small, great fit for the ears with good noise isolation. It is $99 and it is an audiophile IEM. Only bad thing, it doesn't have a mic/iPod controls.
  8. jam3s121
    I usually just throw a 40minute mix on anyway, how is the re-400 in terms of bass? Will it have some impact?
  9. papijoe08
    It has good, tight and accurate bass but it is not a bass monster and it doesn't extend that deep and its impact is not that strong. :) It really depends on your taste, I suggest you audition if 1st before buying one. 
  10. Change is Good
    Hello all. I just want to clarify something after briefing through this guide and searching this thread. I am looking for a sound signature similar to my Q701s... if that is possible for a reasonable budget. From what I researched... I came up with the VSonic GR01. Is this the right choice for me?
  11. ljokerl Contributor
    A safe bet would probably be something with a milder v-shape. The CKM99 is a little pricy and aggressive but a JVC FXT90 might be just the ticket - I've seen them on ebay at just over $100. It's oddly shaped, but angled-nozzle and pretty comfortable.
    Purely for sound, probably not. It's a little smoother and warmer-sounding and the treble response seems a touch more extended (or maybe just flatter) but the differences are small. I have to admit that the S2 looks a lot better up close with its glossy finish (it almost looks ceramic) and all-metal housings (the S1 has some cheap-looking plastic bits). I also had some trouble getting the stock tips of the S1 to seal. Ended up using tips off of a MEElec A151. The S2 was not a problem with the included Comply Ts tips. So, looking at them as an overall package, I can see why Philips chose to release two earphones. I see the S1 as more of a 'barebones' S2 for value seekers.
    The M2 wasn't really tuned for balance. The DBA-02 mkII will be a huge improvement if that's what you're looking for.
    1. Cable noise is worse compared to the mkI. If you have to wear cable-down go for the Brainwavz B2 (a rebrand of the DBA-02 mkI) instead. I don't really have a problem with over-the-ear IEMs when I wear glasses so it's not a problem for me.
    2. No. 256 is a decent bitrate. Unless you are A:Bing with a lossless copy you will be fine, and even then you may not be able to tell the difference right away.
    3. The iPhone 4 sounds very good.  I don't know about the Galaxy S4. My android phone (an HTC Desire HD) doesn't perform very well.
    I am not sure which HiSound you are referring to. If it's the Wooduo 2, it does remind me of the M9 but the mids are not so recessed. There is tons of deep bass, as with the Atrio. The original VB was not quite this bassy.

    Some, yes - but it is not an enhanced-bass earphone by any means. You might want to consider the new Philips Fidelio S1 - it's newly-released but it sounds very good to me. Has a bit of enhanced deep bass to it but still maintains clarity. If you'd rather get something cheaper, the VSonic VC02 is pretty darn balanced and overall great at $40-45. It's got slightly punchier bass than the RE-400.
    In the realm of IEMs the GR01 is rather flat-sounding, which is probably why you came across it in your search. However - and this is part of the reason I don't like comparing IEMs and headphones - the bass and presentation come across differently between similarly-tuned IEMs and headphones, with the bass always being more visceral on the headphone. You won't get the same sensation of air moved from a GR01 as you do from a Q701 (I am basing this on my old K701, which I am assuming is similar) - to get that you would need a slightly enhanced-bass earphone like the GR07. Again, I say this only because I am familiar with the K701 - if you discount that one caveat, the two should be fairly similar.
  12. Impulse
    Hey joker (or whomever), have you seen the Fidelio S1/2 on sale in the US yet?

    Also, what are the plastic bits you alluded to, is it in the face side of the housing? Philip's renders make them look really similar and the description makes it sound like the S2 has a copper alloy housing and the other one's just Al or whatever.
  13. christobit
    Hi Joker..thank you so much for all you do for us!  My current set up is DBA-02 (Mk2) paired with JDS Labs O2 or Fiio E-11, and I have settled on this after trying countless other options/pairings.  I love the IEM sound its signature is perfect for me, apart from 2 things - 1) I need a hair more bass and more natural decay 2) I need a hair less treble sibilance.  I love the speed and quality of the bass and I love the incredible treble energy apart from these 2 quibs.  I don't plan to upgrade my amps just yet.  Do you have any suggestions on what would be a better IEM that allows me to retain all the current characteristics, and yet address my 2 needs?  Many thanks...Cheers
  14. getmassiff
    Hello ALL!, signed up because I'm in need of some advice.

    First of all thank you joker for the overwhelming and incredibly useful amount of information, only just breaking into the scene at the moment, so I've never owned a good pair of IEM's, thus I'm clueless.
    I'm shopping around the 100-150($) mark (pretty flexible), judging from your reviews the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 & JVC HA-FXT90 seem very good, in terms of not having many cons and overall conclusion. Now I'm not sure how old these 2 are, and if there are better / updated versions out there, or better IEMs in terms of bang for your buck. So any help in picking an IEM out would be greatly appreciated :)! I listen to mostly EDM, trance & house music, plan on using them at the gym and for my general commuting. Going to be using them on my ipod touch, not really sure what to expect in terms of isolation, and having controls is not an option I'm really fussy over.
    Thanks for your time.
    p.s. I live in Australia, notsureif that even matters though, as I'm willing to pay for shipping for anything you highly recommend.
  15. needbassndetail
    need help a good IEM at 50$ - 150$ price range
    listening most to EDM and some blues and metal
    never had any advance iem before just couple of cheap headphone
    any advice?
    thanks b4
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