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Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

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  1. damex
     i'v found here positive feedback for Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII and Yamaha EPH-100 headphones and want to interest few things about them. its 133$ for Yamaha and 166$ for Fischer Audio here (including shipping).
     should i prefer Fischer Audio for that price? (its nearly impossible to find something with right prices here aka not overpriced) that DBA-02 mkII does cable noise if it worn cable-down and that cable can become hard on cold, right? there are nothing else wrong with them?
     will that headphones require additional amplifer? (maybe recommended to use with?) i will use it with cowon c2.
  2. Zelda
    i was refering to the M11+ model
  3. giantry
    I don't have the dba's but I have the B2's which is basically the same thing and I can say that I love mine and I've had them for around 2 years.
  4. ljokerl Contributor
    It really depends on who you ask - both James' and Impulse's answers are correct IMO. In theory it might allow the manufacturer to use the strengths of each type of driver to the advantage of the tuning, just as a multi-BA setup may allow the individual armatures to be tuned specifically for a more limited frequency range. But, it's definitely possible for a hybrid to sound worse than a single BA or single dynamic (see the Scosche hybrid and the Audiofly AF78).
    The M11 is probably my least favorite MEElec model in terms of sound. I agree that it's nicely built. If you want to go MEElec the CW31 will compete with the similarly-priced Soundmagics. The "M" models will not.
    The DBA-02 mkII and EPH-100 sound very different - you should pick the one that meets your needs better. I don't really have any problems with the DBA-02 cable when worn cord-up. It's never very cold here in Southern California so I can't speak for its performance in cold weather. I think either one will run fine with the Cowon without an amp. They work fine with my J3.
  5. herng
    ya,get it. that why i will go for soundmagic.. =)
  6. herng
    hi joker, get it. come across with vsonic seller in my place,but out of stock,will wait for it. hopefully can get it as soon as possible.  
  7. livejamie
    Anybody know how the Soul SL99s are? I was looking at them or the vPulse IEMs.
  8. Hawaiiancerveza
    Thanks guys! 
  9. Lifted Andreas
    Dunu Trident vs. SoundMagic E10 for trance music?? [​IMG]
  10. TR3v
    I bought the Logitech Ultimate Ears 500 based on these reviews. They are a great value on amazon.com right now for 33 dollars. I got them for 28. They have just enough sound quality for me to enjoy music without wishing I was using better headphones. They sound better than my old shure e2cs, much better bass. Now
  11. BigCabDaddy
    Seeking out what might prove a kind of unique recommendation for an unusual situation: I'm looking for IEMs to use inside a motorcycle helmet. Two things I know I'll need is NON isolation and a flat profile. Also prefer if they'll drive off an iPhone 4s and/or Nano without amplification, so that means efficiency since I'll be using higher than usual volumes.
    The sound signature I generally prefer tends towards warmth. I've found that riding usually masks bass to mids. Not sure though whether that should be deal with that situation through the IEM or through eq. Kind of leading towards EQ so I find the IEMs listenable when not riding.
    Music ranges from Americana to jazz/blues to funk.
    I'd like to keep the price < $100 and I don't mind buying used. I'll exceed $100 if need be. 
  12. leogodoy

    I see our point, NON-isolation is a must. I am not sure even these are safe enough, but what about single-sided, one ear phones? They mix the stereo channel into one ear, so it's not like only putting one phone and leaving the other dangling:


    They are your best shot, IMHO, of staying aware of the environment while listening to music.

    I wouldn't have any recommendations on any specific model.
  13. BigCabDaddy
    It might not be the safest practice, but it's frequently done. Those riders that don't wear earphones generally wear earplugs if they're concerned about their hearing, still... I definitely don't want to have them too isolating. Good idea though.
  14. Impulse


    I'm not sure if the ER6i is still made but I figured the link would be of interest anyway, if you haven't read it.
  15. leogodoy

    I hear you, brother. I sometimes used to ride bycicles while listening to music. I used to put only one earbud. It sounded like crap but back in those days I didn't know I could find stereo-to-mono earphones.

    Nowadays I don't feel safe doing that anymore, but I know some people are capable of doing it though.
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