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Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

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651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660
  1. Zelda
  2. FlySweep
    Excellent RE-400 review, Joker.. I hear them in very much the same way.  Only thing I might (slightly) disagree with was that I didn't find their detail retrieval ability particularly noteworthy.. but surely impressive (given the price point).
  3. ljokerl Contributor

    Well, I do agree that the RE272 and to an extent the RE-ZERO have an advantage in detail retrieval because they don't have that slight mid-bass hump to obscure some of the detail. However, with those two out of the picture now I was struggling to think of other dynamic-driver sets that can beat the RE-400 on that front.
  4. OliverBB
  5. OliverBB
    Ok-what I should have added was that I do have the UE 600 and I really like them. I consider it my more "neutral" set. 
    I'm looking for another low cost set that is more "fun" that I would use for a bit more casual listening. It's just that the M9 had too much bass for me. I kind of liked the Klisch S4 but had fit issues.
    So I guess as long as the bass wasn't more/equal to M9 or any less prominent that the UE600.
    I was looking at sets like the M1/R2 because of the good reviews and the style is one that would have a good fit. Today I have been also researching Brainwavz M5. From your reviews Joker that might suit me best?
  6. ljokerl Contributor

    Well, you don't have to worry about the VC02 having less bass than the UE600 -- its bass is definitely punchier. The M1 has similar bass with a little less depth. The M5 is much bassier, possibly too bassy for you. If you liked the S4 you might just be better off with a v-shaped set like the GR02BE.
  7. casanova
    Great review and great great job, Mr.Joker.
    I've been reading your reviews for many years now and not going to stop reading in any time sooner or later.
    All the best.
  8. ljokerl Contributor

    Thank you [​IMG]
  9. Amitl
    is it just me or do most earphone manufacturers simply ignore cable noise..?
    i mean, take the new Hifiman RE-400 for example
    i see Joker gave it high marks across the board, with only cable noise being "bothersome".
    of course you can wear most phones cable up, but they were not designed for it (like Shure phones)
    personally i find cable noise very bothersome.


  10. cloudycloud
    |joker| - I just want to start off by thanking you for all you contribute!
    Request: I am looking for a replacement for my R-50s.  I LOVE the separation overall quickness of their sound.  I also have a pair of x10s, and while they are a great for when I want a bit more bass, I really miss the detail when listening to them over the R-50s.  I plan to pair these with my C&C BH and my old 6th gen Ipod Mini.
    1. Separation and soundstage is the best I have ever heard
    2. Tight bass (not a bass head as I plan to wear these for long periods at a time)
    3. Nimbleness with sound (I know that is not really a trait, but best way I could describe) 
    My biggest gripes with the R-50s:
    1. Super fragile construction as I fly a lot for work and feel it is only a matter of time before they break
    2. Sibilance and super-super brightness: just so much of it regardless of what tips I try - Especially can be heard on this one track I love
    3. Over the ear guide wire - dont mind them in general, but the guides on the R-50 just plain suck.
    Looking to stay in the <= $150 range.  Would the RE-400 meet my needs?  Do not wish to EQ at all as that defeats the purpose of different sounding IEMs.  Thank you!
  11. ljokerl Contributor
    There are definitely some who pay attention - JVC, for example, always has low or no cable noise. 

    I think the bass of the R-50 is tighter than that of the RE-400 and the soundstage is a little wider. If you're willing to give that up the RE-400 should fit your needs just fine. I would still recommend wearing the RE-400 over-the-ear, even if you need to buy some cable guides to do so. 
  12. cloudycloud
    Are there any other possibilities in the sub $150 range that you would recommend, or is the RE-400 my best option?  What if I were to go up to the $200 range?
  13. scootsit
    Couldn't some of the IEMs that share the same driver work? Like the Astrotec AX7, Vsonic GR01, Cosmic Ears BA2...
    All share the R50 driver, but tuned slightly. So, the Astrotec and Vsonic are all metal, and are tuned slightly differently.
  14. ljokerl Contributor

    There's really not many things in the price range that can compete with the R-50 in the first place, never mind keeping its strengths and improving on its weaknesses. At a stretch the ACS T15 might be an option but it's hard to justify its price over the RE-400.
    Well, the R-50 isn't the brightest of the bunch. In fact, with deep-sealing tips and an impedance adapter it's one of the most neutral. So, if it's too bright, it might be safer to avoid the TWFKs all together. The one I could recommend (GR01 from VSonic) is not as durable as it could be if it used the VC02 housing/cable setup. Hopefully it will get updated. The AX7 is built better but it's not less bright than the R-50.
  15. Zelda
    joker, you got the AX7?
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