Multi "core" braided Vs. Single jacket Litz

  1. music_man
    I was wondering what is supposed to be better. there are many very high end cables of both styles. The makers of the "woven" cables claim it reduces skin effect in the high frequencies. I am speaking of cables that are braided such as Kimber, Vs. cables that are in a single jacket such as Cardas. As far as big brands go, simply for example. Is there a consensus that one is better than the other? What actual difference do they address? Or simply Two different means to an end? Interestingly, just for reference Kimber's highest end cables are in a single jacket. Although I do not know if a braided design is contained within I am just meaning to discuss this and not other construction techniques such as Metallurgy, Dielectric ETC..
  2. gohminghui88
    Based on electronics, Braided can be better than single. Silver can also be better than copper. Multicore wire can also be better than single core wire. I think it is up to how we choose.
  3. music_man
    That is how I see it as well.
  4. Speedskater
    If we are talking about headphone cables, how can any of that be true?

    Now there are many mechanical reasons for choosing one cable type over another.

    a] At the frequencies and wire diameters involved, skin effect is not a factor.
    b] Silver is only more conductive than copper if the two wires have the exact same cross-section area and length.
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  5. music_man
    His statements should hold true. A cable does not care what it is connected to. What makes a headphone cable good, makes a speaker cable good. The most important thing he did not touch on, people are rarely willing to do with headphones. Multiple solid core conductors. Stiff as a board and if you go bending it a lot it will snap. Regardless most engineers feel that is superior to a stranded cable. Especially if the conductors on each channel are multiple awg. It may or may not be superior but it would make for a difficult to handle headphone cable. My speaker wire is so stiff I cannot really even bend it. It has a combined awg of 2. If a headphone cable was only say 18 awg it would still be hardly manageable in solid core. If you are spending $$$ I bet it would be better but too difficult and then you bust it. Silver/Gold will be better regardless of the cable is multi awg. Well, not better. Depends if you like the sound. I mean it will conduct electricity better. That hardly equates to sound though. Companies will say things to sell the product and some outright lie. Perhaps they did not mean to. For instance I would figure Kimber to know the skin effect at such a small cable. Yet it is one of their selling points. Braided may have other good properties but there can be better jacketed cables. Usually they are Litz so same thing essentially. In this case maybe braiding a bunch of tiny conductors does not matter much. I like the cable. You can't ask me though I am not going to say I do not like it after spending Thousands on it. Actually it is good but maybe not after figuring the cost. I have the 1.2 meter AG. The price of the 3 meter, considering they connect to headphones not more than $3,000usd is kind of pointless. It can make them sound good but it cannot make them better headphones. Take that money and maybe get SR009. Of course many prefer a different sound. A $3,000 headphone is not "cheap" to begin with. The thing is cables enhance what is already there. Anyone that states they "transformed" it should take the cotton out of their ear. It is still limited to what it is but the cables may enhance it. I guess I wanted affirmation of the Kimber because I have trouble making decisions. It is very good but it cannot make it a different headphone. Don't get me wrong, this is nice. I have so much high end equipment I would not feel to bad if they were not my favorite. In fact they are not, but that is okay.

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