Much difference in high end CIEMs to NAD Viso HP50/ B&W P7s/ B&O H6/ Focal Spirit Pro?
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Jan 17, 2014
I'm trying to get my portable setup going, and from my research I think I have a decent understanding of how cans like the Viso HP50s, P7s, Momentums, H6s all relate to each other, and also a rough idea of how the JH13s, JH16s, K10s, Roxannes all supposedly relate to each other. Where I am totally lost is how the first group relates to the second (and I'm not in a position to do testing for myself).
To anyone familiar with at least one high-end CIEM and one quality portable over-ear, how do they compare? Do you think the difference in price is justified? Do the over-ears get you 90% of the way for 1/3 the cost, or do the CIEMs blow them out of the water? 
Any input on their relative performance straight from a smart phone would also be awesome.

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