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MTPG Disappointment

  1. dudewow
    Received my MTPG from amazon today ( authorized dealer ) and i am very disappointed. The only other high end earphones i've had are radius DDMs and they sounded far superior. I cannot get a proper seal with any of the tips, which includes super tips and sony hybrids. They sound very tinny and bass-less, comparable to stock apple buds with eartips. Could this be a tip issue or may i have received a faulty pair? I have tried over a dozen of the tips Monster included and none of them seem to work !
  2. spekkio
    It would definitely be a seal issue. I am sorry you cannot get a seal with the included buds. Are they too small? Or too big? Did you try the triple flanges?
  3. gduck
    Could be a lot of reasons. First and foremost, check if you can achieve a good seal. With no music playing, put them in your ears, if it feels like you have earplugs on, like outside noise is lessened to an extent, and you can hear your internal sounds more : chewing, heavy breathing, etc. you have acheived a good seal. Then play some familiar music and if its still no bass, its not a seal or eartip problem. Try playing music on a different source, your mp3 player, laptop, stereo, etc If it still doesn't work, your buds are faulty, need to call on that lifetime warranty : P
    I found the sony hybrid tips work very well, and while Monster gives you numerous tips, they are made for huge ears, I couldn't fit into many of them.
  4. Jeremypsp
    Did you try burning-in? My vanilla turbines sounded horrible out of the box, burned-in for 5 hours and they sounded awesome. 
  5. EC09
    Either you're an extreme basshead, or you are simply not getting a good enough seal. Do you have other tips to try with? 
    If indeed they are faulty though, send them right back and get it replaced!
  6. lucozade
    These are one of the bassist phones i own ,you must not be getting a good seal ,amp them up and sound quality also improves as these require some power behind them to really shine .
    If you are looking for a more bassy iem i suggest the TFTA 3v2b ,a bass monster for sure !
  7. Mintz
    I have no idea why people say these headphones are so bassy. I'm not trying to claim that the people who say they own them and are some of the "bassist" phones ever are a liar, but they do not sound overly bassy to me at all. I know that my pair is legit and I know I am getting a good seal. I would describe the MTPG as bass sufficient. When a song has a lot of bass the MTPG will present it accurately. If the song does not have a lot of bass than you will not hear any. I do not thing the bass in these headphones is overexaggerated at all imo.
  8. Jeremypsp


    If you do not compare to balanced armatures at about the same price, or compare them to the IE8/80 then they're certainly not bassy. But if you compare them to many balanced armatures out there about the same price, for example, the UM3x, they are certainly bassy. Since high end IEMs do not have the quantity of bass that low end ones does, the MTPG has a lot of bass for the category. 
  9. MaxwellDemon
    Personally, the last time I tried the MTPG, I thought it offered a lot of "mid-bass" rather than "bass". So, no, the MTPG is not bassy in terms of having a lot of head-thumping boom. So, in a way, I guess the MTPG is slightly misunderstood.
  10. Nintendam


    the golds have plenty of sub-bass; I pick up lower frequencies on these in terms of quantity for dubstep then some higher end full sized cans. For mid-bass I would assume the ie8 would be the chioce, MTPG's are pretty balanced in the bass spectrum, as far as i know. 
  11. MaxwellDemon
    Eh, I don't know about having plenty of sub-bass, that didn't stand out to me at all -- I think that is something better described with the MTPC... but I don't own the MTPG and it has been awhile since I last auditioned them, so I am not the best person to judge the MTPG. I do agree that from my memory, the MTPG seemed to be pretty balanced in the bass spectrum. It is just that I remember listening to the MTPG and thought to myself, "hey, these aren't bassy in the BOOM-BOOM term." They certainly carried a very, very warm sound signature though. [​IMG]
    Also, never ever heard the IE8, so I won't even be able to make a comparison to that.

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