MSB Signature DAC IV Plus *SOLD*

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  1. Collusion[FIN]
    For Sale
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    • Europe
    Selling my beloved MSB Signature DAC IV Plus.

    In very fine condition - might even say it is almost as good as new!

    It includes the following additional components:
    - Signature Volume control ( works as a preamp )
    - ProI2S input ( for MSB transport or computer interface )
    - 192khz USB 2.0 input

    My unit has the Femto 140 clock and Signature powerbase.With this configuration the MSRP is around 30000 euros.

    It has the following inputs:
    - USB
    - I2S
    - AES/EBU
    - BNC
    - Toslink
    - S/PDIF
    - Balanced stereo analogue input ( XLR )

    - XLR
    - Two pairs of RCA outputs

    Stunningly accurate and natural sounding device. A clear update over the MSB Analog DAC. Digs really deep into your recordings and brings the musicians in front of you! The Signature DAC has four MSB's proprietary Signature R2R dac elements, with true balanced design and a true 25 bit accuracy.

    I am selling because I am climbing up the ladder ( no pun intended )... a friend is selling his Diamond DAC and I've reckon this is my change to upgrade. The Signature IV plus is internally same device as the Signature V, with the expection being the renewed enclosure.

    Location: Finland

    I've got the original boxes (I have double boxes for shipping). Original manual and aluminimum remote ( in immaculate condition ) are also included.

    msb_front.jpg msb_upfront.jpg
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  2. Collusion[FIN]
    Up we go!
  3. Collusion[FIN]
    Bumb! New asking price: 9500 euros
  4. Collusion[FIN]
  5. Collusion[FIN]
    Bumb! New asking price: 9000 euros
  6. Collusion[FIN]
    Up we go
  7. Collusion[FIN]
  8. Collusion[FIN]
    Up we go
  9. Collusion[FIN]
    Bumb! New asking price: 8500 euros
  10. Collusion[FIN]
  11. Collusion[FIN]
    New asking price: 8250 euros, shipping included!
  12. Collusion[FIN]
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