MS-1 vs HD 280 vs e3c vs e4c
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Mar 3, 2006
Ok so awile ago I did a lot of research on the web to buy a good set of portable, affordable cans and settled on a pair of refurbished Sony MDR-v6s. They were very versatile for use like in the library, on a laptop, with a cd player, due to being small and easy to drive as well as comfortable. The bass was nice, deep and impactful instead of overpowering, however I use my headphones for homework alot and found the bass to be a little distracting. So I sold mine to my brother and started searching again.

I'm looking for something with a little less bass and would like to know which of these are the better choice.

Sennheiser HD 280s + (IEM)Sharp MD33s $130: I have heard that these are mellow sounding and analytical cans which sound pretty good for my purposes. Although they make you look like you're about to break out with a turntable and start mixing due to their size. They're kinda hard to drive at 64ohms. The sharps are for more casual use.

(IEM)Shure e3c $120: Kind of a compromise between the HD 280s and the sharps at a similar price point. This way I won't have to switch between them. I have heard that the bass is pretty weak on these and the highs rolled off but good considering the price. The cost effiecent choice.

Alessandro MS-1 + (IEM)Sharp MD33s $145: Not as much of what I was looking for I'm considering them cause they are easily the best sounding headphones listed, of audiophile quality. Grados that have been modified for a more neutral sound, they are comparble to the more expensive SR125s but much easier to drive. They have Grado weaknesses as well, they leak sound, lack a soundstage(bad for movie watching and game playing) and have an odd 1950's styling that stands out.

(IEM)Shure e4c $176: Quality of HD 280s in IEM form. My ideal headphone but a bit more than I want to spend. I was thinking about sucking it up and buying them anyways.

Shipping has been included in the prices.
IEM= in-ear monitor
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Sep 27, 2005
Well if your going to be using them in the library or other public places a IEM or a closed phone is a must. Even though I would take the MS-1 its just not the right phone for that situation.

I would go the whole shebang and get the e4c.

Keep an eye out in the For Sale forum. There have been a few great deals there with some high end IEM.

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