MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Rowethren
    Same for me, the Utopia is just too bright IMO.
  2. lentoviolento

    I find afo sibilant too, i 'm still hoping that will go away, otherwise i will sell it because i can' t stand sibilance coming from lcd2f
  3. MTMECraig
    I bet that is a killer combo... the Liquid Carbon probably adds more bass to the EFO and makes it a little more engaging because of it. Interesting about pad rolling btw. I liked when we sold Cavalli in the store. I was able to use the Liquid Gold with everything here. That thing rocked.
    I hear this here and there about the Utopia. To me the top end of the Utopia is excellent. That brightness that some hear is sparkle to others. The EFO on the other hand has well extended top end but I don't find it as sharp. So if someone thinks the Utopia is too bright then the EFO might be perfect.
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  4. Rowethren
    That is exactly why I own the EFO :p
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  5. fiascogarcia
    EFO and LC are indeed a great combo. Beefs up the lower end without any bleeding into the lower mids, and no added bass bloom. But I sold my DHC Complement, and now I hate the stiffness of the Dum cable, even though it's the newer version cable.
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  6. MTMECraig
    What more could you ask for?? :beerchug: That sounds like 100% my cup of tea! Enjoy it friend.
  7. Kdubbs82
    The Ether Flow C’s are my end game. Period.

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  8. mrspeakers Contributor
    I can solidly recommend the head amp Gilmore Lite Mk2 with the headphones, it has Cavalli weight, clarity and depth.
  9. Bastianpp
    someone try the valhalla 2 with ether flow?
    How it sound ?
  10. mrspeakers Contributor
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  11. opienor
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  12. sbradley02
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  13. Badas
    I don’t really like my EFO and they have been unused for months.
    With all these awards I should give them another go.

    I do find they need to be amped well. I find I like them a lot more with my V281 than I do with my tubes WA22. Actually they sound horrid and fall apart on the WA22. One of the reasons I don’t overly like the EFO as I like using tubes.
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  14. Bastianpp
    If you don't like these tubes, you can try change it
  15. Dr. Hugo
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