MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
  1. musicday
    Has anyone compared the i20 to Ether Flow, even if the driver is much smaller in the first one, should i expect a similar sound signature?
  2. gb21011971
    What was Audeze thinking when they made these? These must be the ugliest pads around :wink:

    Anyhow, the effect on SQ you describe sounds interesting!
  3. Rowethren
    Well they are brown to go with the wood on most of their headphones which does make sense really. I did manage to find a black set which as far as I am aware is the last one in the UK and they look way way better! Real shame they don't make them anymore :triportsad:
  4. drwlf
    From what I heard, they are still selling them to LCD-series owners; haven't tried as I don't have the need for vegan pads. The M1060-thread is most likely the reason for this, they couldn't keep up with the pad-rolling mania?
  5. Rowethren
    Pretty much and the fact that people were claiming the M1060 sounded like an LCD model if you used the Audeze Vegan pads so they stopped selling them to protect their market share. I understand why they would do it but it is still irritating.

    I also spoke to Audeze support and they said they don't stock black anymore and the brown only comes with certain headphones as an option... They still do the leather ones though but one of the main reasons I wanted to move away from leather was because they all seem to creak with my glasses so that doesn't help me much. First world problems right? :stuck_out_tongue:
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  6. MTMECraig
    Even though I think my ears are clogged some from allergies, the EFC sounds excellent with the Joni Mitchell's "Blue" album right now! I have it spinning on the Music Hall iKura table, with an Ortofon Blue cart. Good stuff!! I went from the Aeon Closed to the EFC to see whats up. I wish I was at 100% to get the best frame of reference :frowning2:. In the meantime i'll just enjoy the music.

    Andddd next step will be to get my ears looked at :) ha
  7. fixated
    Apologies if I've missed the post but has anyone used the Ether Flows with the Bottlehead Crack? I did a quick search of the thread and nothing seems to have come up. I've been meaning to get a decent tube amp and the Crack seems to be a good place to start. TYIA :)
  8. donato
    Since BHC is OTL and Ether Flow impedance is 23 ohms, probably not a good match. I use my HD6XX with my BHC and I use my Ether Flow on my WA22. Both those combos sound great.
  9. fixated
    I am seriously considering getting the WA22, but I'm afraid to blind purchase it since there doesn't seem to be an audio shop that sells any Woo Audio amps.
  10. Badas
    I would be a little careful. If you plan to use Ether Flows.
    I have recently done an experiment between my WA22 and V281 using Flow open.
    I've discover the Flows prefer power (true of most planars). On the V281 the Flow
    sounds as close to end-game as possible. On the WA22 the sound falls apart.
    Especially on treble-rich music. It gets irritating high. The V281 sounds warmer
    and smoother on the same music.

    I think dynamic drivers are better suited to tube amps. Planars need SS and power.
    Generalizing a fair bit here.
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  11. wirefriend
    I love Ether C Flow with Continental Dual Mono hybrid tube amp. I prefer it over Cavalli Liquid Carbon which is solid state.
  12. gto88
    Talking about power, you may want to look into iFi iCan Pro.
    I have it for LCD-3 and HEK V2, and the iCan Pro is more than capable to drive them.
  13. TSAVJason
    I don’t have any idea where you can get one In the Philippines but the WA22 is a great amp to use with any MrSpeakers headphones current models.

    If you don’t have a dealer in the Philippines than you could buy it from Woo or any Woo authorized dealer that can provide the correct voltage unit.
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  14. TSAVJason
    It would be cool if Cavalli was still in business. It’s sad to see such a great product go away.
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  15. wirefriend
    On the flip side it's good Alo still produces great amps.
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