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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Delayeed
    Unfortunately not... Forgot to add that the Ether Cs are insanely good for music production. The high end is a tad rolled off which is apparent when checking the mix with HD600s or JBL LSR305 but other than that absolutely fantastic in terms of detail and neutrality. Can really hear every little tweak and thing that's going on.
  2. emptymt

    It's good that you like it mate, I myself prefer the Ether open series more than the closed.
    the closed are not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to big headphone.
    I agree that the old Ether C is excellent for monitoring.
  3. musicday
    Anyone with Kimber Kable here? Add some photos if you don't mind and your impressions over the new DUM cable.
    Thanks :thumbsup:
  4. RCBinTN
    My only direct experience between open & closed HP's are with the LCD.  I owned both the X and the XC.  While they sounded similar, the XC had more bass and sounded boomy, leading to a claustrophobic effect that left my head ringing after a short while.  I never had that issue with the open X.  I didn't try any mods or equalization.  I think the XC work well for bass-inclined folks and gamers, and if you need to contain the sound.  I'm lucky in that I can use open HP's for all my listening.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    Classic Audeze variance here. My XC is bright compared to the ETHER C(1.1), and I've never felt the XC has 'boomy' bass, never mind much bass presence at all. My ETHER Flow (open) has much better bass presence than either my LCD-2 or LCD-XC. Good 'ol Audeze variance.
  6. Jazic
    I had the XC's for a long while and they were my and likely will always be my all time fav cans. Main downfalls with them is the weight and the lack of isolation. It does not leak sound however but it'll let plenty of sound in. 
    It did have a nice bass and the mids and highs were splashy similar to the Ether C Flow but the Ether C Flow is much more detailed and doesn't have near as much sibilance or harshness, not that the XC had it to begin with. 
    The XC's did have a boomier bass which I liked. Like most closed cans they weren't mid bass fart cannons with a weird mid range spike that makes it honkey. The XC's played very well with my Lyr 2. 
    From what I remember about the X's they were a very fun headphone with tame mids and highs and punchy bass without being laid back. Overall I couldn't justify having both the XC and X so I kept the XC's and as with any gear head I ended up selling them for something else.
    Back on topic though, I do think the Ether C Flow is better than the XC by a large margin. The XC has a more powerful sound I think but not as balanced across the entire spectrum like the C Flow. My sound preference is more analytical with a good sub bass punch and power. I like hearing all the details but hate sibilance and mid range and high glares. Funny thing is up until recently my fav headphones were the Fostex TH600/900's which are probably the worst for sibilance in the mid range. 
    TLDR: The Ether C Flow's imo are the best closed can you can get. They check all the boxes that most people want with ease. 
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Maybe, but the Sony Z1R is making quite the name for itself early on.
  8. emptymt
    for me, no matter how good the audeze sound, I will never buy it just because of this weight problem alone, I think it's unhealthy to have something that heavy (exspecially the XC) stuck on your head for a long time.
    Just IMO of course, some people have a really strong neck, and it's okay for them.
  9. kejar31
    I ended up selling my LCD-X for this very reason... tries suspension straps but it just didn't overcome the massive weight on my head... 
  10. zer010gic
    I saw this review and it seems to share the same impressions I have on the Ether C Flows.
  11. MattTCG
    Nice review! 
  12. RCBinTN
    Agree with your comment about the X's. I too didn't need both the XC and X, and opted to keep the X.
    Now to compare the Ether Flow to the X...interesting. IMO, the Flow work better with more music genres. The SQ is nicely balanced and detailed, especially in the midrange that is exceptional. The X have that unique Audez'e sound (IMO the best sounding LCD although I've not heard the LCD-4 that's a different league) with better bass than the Flow. However, as I get more time with the Flow, their bass is approaching the X.
    To add a cable comment, I just acquired the Wywires Platinum USB and XLR interconnects from Alex. Currently testing both cables with the Flow and the X. These cables are not yet broken in, but out of the box they have opened up the Flow's midrange and width of soundstage by a noticeable margin. The detail of the Flow midrange is now approaching the HD800. Testing today with the X, the cables have a similar effect on the midrange/treble - not so tame anymore! This is the best the X have sounded to my ears.
    Net - I'm keeping both the Flow and the X.  It's fun being able to switch them out depending on my mood, the music, and condition of my neck :).
    Cheers all,
  13. doraymon
    Today I auditioned the C Flow for the first time.
    AB against T5p 2.gen and MDR-Z1R they are the most enjoyable of the bunch to my ears.
    Very impressed by the Beyerdynamics as well (half the price of the Ether) and felt let down by the Sony (too dark, bass was too intrusive and sounded somehow congested).
    Very superficial impressions after a quick listen
  14. emptymt

    how does the t5p gen2 compare against the c flow?
    I once had interest in getting this for portable listening, not anymore though..
  15. doraymon
    From my post on the T5p thread:
    Both cans deliver a quite neutral sound signature with the T5p being a tad brighter, although never sibilant.
    Having said that, the Ether are clearly a step further towards a more realistic, 3D, detailed and involving sound.
    The difference was not night and day tough, so whether the improvements are worth the price difference is a very subjective matter.

    It's hard to understand the criticism I read of the T5p being boring. This is one hell of a headphone! Is it the best sounding closed back to my ears?
    No. The Ether C Flow is.
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