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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. Middy

    I know..... Sometimes you can just ask.. Or Have the men in black Interview Tyll's beard for answers...
  2. musicday
    Can someone recommend actually the best cable for Ether C Flow?
    Kimber Kable make only cupper not silver right?
    A briefly sound description of your cable will be much appreciated.:thumbsup:
  3. Delayeed
    No need to obsess over silver or otherwise fancy cables... Seems like you don't have an amplifier so you wouldn't get any benefits from a custom cable. Stock is good.

    Get an amp with that money like a Schiit Vali 2 or Asgard 2
  4. musicday
    Planning to use as a single solution for now.
    Lotoo Paw Gold, that's why I was asking if a better cable will improve the SQ.
  5. claud W

    Although, not the absolute best cable except for the money, You need a Wywires Red headphone cable. I have it on almost all my headphones and its great. More bass, more detail. better more cohesive soundstage. They are around $299 depending on length. I have the Platinum on my Ether Flows and its even better, but much more $$. 
    I too recommend a Schiit Vali 2 and Modi Multibit stack as a better than good starting place. I was listening to mine last night with my Ether C 1.1 with a Wywires Red. 
  6. beowulf

    Don't forget one glass of wine or five. Mix it all together and even Tyll's retractions will seem of little importance in the big scale of the Floyd universe.

    I'm going to try to distract everyone back to good mood by throwing a bucket of gasoline in the fire and running away from the room before you can throw stuff at me...

    stenog likes this.
  7. ejong7

    KK makes a silver version and a hybrid version of their Axios cable. Whether its for sale now or on pre-order im not sure. Check RMAF posts they had some teasers over there.
  8. fiascogarcia
    The hybrid starts at $1362, the silver starts at $1875, for a 1.2 meter cable.  Don't have either one; a little too expensive for my interest.
  9. stuart1927
    Norne audio all the way for me. Solvx or zoetic...
  10. Rowethren
    Toxic cables are nice quality and seem to be a bit more reasonable in price. Paying almost $1900 on a cable is a bloody joke to be honest! They must laugh themselves to sleep every time someone buys a cable that is more expensive than the headphones they are pairing it with...
    Delayeed likes this.
  11. Delayeed
    Hmm might actually get a Toxic cable also since going balanced. Thanks
  12. Rowethren

    They are very good quality, I have 2 of Franks cables at the moment and my Ether Flow cable coming just after Christmas. I think the Silver Widow 22awg @ 2.5m with a carbon splitter and carbon 4pin XLR amp termination was around £500. He isn't the fastest to reply to emails or to build cables but I would much rather wait a bit to get a much better value for money item of a quality that I know to be outstanding.
  13. ubs28
    How does the Ether Flow C compare to the AKG K872?
  14. jlbrach
    I have no issue spending the money for a high end HP but when we speak of 2,000 dollars for a cable count me out...IMHO utterly insane
  15. sotto123
    I'm considering getting the Ether Flow or HE-1000. Can anyone tell me the differences between the two?
    Better yet, I'm most familiar with the HE-500 and LCD2, with the HE-500 being my preferred sound signature. So what can I expect from the Flow compared to these two? I'm assuming quite a step up.
    I'm all about musicality more than anything else. Separation, impactful bass, and a fairly wide soundstage are also important to me.
    I'll be using a the V200 amp with them.
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