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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. earnmyturns
    Have both amps and C Flows. Overall I prefer the Jot's flat, accurate rendering with tight bass to the LC's warmer, somewhat sirupy tone, which can be delightful on material like solo violin. But then my reference recorded sound is from a speaker system (see my sig) which I chose to be as balanced, accurate, fast, and resolving as I could find. I also listen to lots of live jazz and my preference is for speed, dynamics, and detail, with all the charming imperfections of instruments and players.
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  2. Maelob
    I think Tyll forgot to mention that the Ether C flow is the best closed headphone in the market. I think his bias against closed headphones is too strong, his review should have mention the fact that a lot of us prefer a closed headphone than open. Not just professionals need high end closed headphones.  In my case, my listening station is in the bedroom where my wife also spend a lot of time, and I wanted some isolation while listening to the best sound possible.
  3. mysticstryk

    I think his bias is more against headphones with a treble peak. Which is completely understandable.
  4. Rowethren

    Ironic really consider how long the HD 800 was on the WoF for lol
  5. mysticstryk

    Was the reason he took it down though. Probably because for the longest time, nobody was making worthy totl contenders to compete with the hd800. Now that the industry is getting a bit of a shake up, he has more options that fit his preferences.
  6. Middy
    Thanks brother...for making my xmas and doing the upgrades..
    In reality every job listed in a big corporation has a department full of people doing each job...
    I did feel sorry for you Dan... but you are seeing Rogue One now I hate you..:blush:
    Star wars was my first film...
    But I forgive you as I should get my Ethers Wednesday for my 45th birthday yer...:sob: getting old only works if your Yoda..

    Yoda ...the effect of a big sneeze with a bad attitude...
    Happy merrymass all..
  7. musicday
    Happy birthday Middy, I should get mine around the same time.
    Is going to be a wonderful Christmas in UK and all over the world,,:headphones::top:
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  8. Middy
    I am not a xmas person really but I do enjoy seeing others happy...It's a tough world for most so a little happy for all never hurts... A big hug from me to all the Ether thread. I hope you all get nothing you want..:thinking: but everything you need:laughing:..

    Keep smiling

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  9. Satir
  10. kellte2

    Troll post? Is that really necessary?

    Stuff like that doesn't really matter. There's so much subjectivity in enjoying one sound signature over another. Enjoy the headphones you have. Demo ones you may want to buy.
  11. stuart1927
    Yes, clearly it's affecting the presence region!
  12. stuart1927
    Well, after deliberations, pushed to button on the ether flow....should arrive middle of next week. 
    Looking forward to seeing how they stack up against my HD800's!
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  13. mysticstryk

    Beards improve the enjoyment of music though. :p
  14. pbui44

    If you were in need of a closed-back, you already made a great purchase. But post your comparisons agains the HD800, anyways. :wink:
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Thanks, I wanted world peace, now you ruined that. [​IMG]
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