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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. ImNegan
    Technically for sure! it's arguably the best driver there is along with the 800 but tonal balance, cohesion, liquidity, treble smoothness and vocals goes to the 650 IMO
  2. Muinarc
    With bias ingrained that deeply who needs to listen to anything else.....
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  3. Delayeed
    Loving your sig lol
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  4. buke9
    Totally agree with that. The HD 650 is better than Utopia is quite funny though. It's nice they are happy with their setup good for them. I just hear things differently. The 650 is a fine headphone and I have a 6XX coming soon but it cannot and will not replace my Ether C's.
  5. Wyd4
    I love both the HD650 and the Ether C
    Mind blown :D
    I prefer the Ether C overall, however both headphones have amazing characters of their own.
    Depending on the music I am listening to, I prefer one to the other.
    Of course the HD650 offers better bang for buck, given this was once a flagship headphone and has become increasingly affordable as time goes on.
    The Ether C is a high end flagship and everyone know's getting that last 10% of performance costs big dollars.
    To compare to engine builds, you can get a reliable 500hp out of a 6lt v8 fairly cheaply.  beyond that (keeping reliable) you start to spend exponentially.
    Of course personal preference also comes into play, as we all hear differently and relate differently to sound/music.
    I actually love the Ether C for its midrange and detailed highs.  While the mids are not thick and meaty, they are accurate to me.  Which is important to me.

    I do however love that darker bassier sound of the HD650, which I do not find to be loose or lacking detail, its just not front and center.  It takes me back to when I was a kid listening to dads vinyl on his stereo at home.  That softer, thicker sound.
    I guess my disappointment in this post, is that you defend Mr Speakers, which is admirable, then can another audio brand.
    I am running my Ether C through a Meridian Explorer 2 and Elemental Tube Hybrid amp.  A whopping total of $600au worth of gear.  It sounds fantastic.
    Now the Jotenheim would certainly pair better with the HD650 than the Ether due to its neutrality, but to can an entire company based on either a bad pairing or simply an opinion is a little unfair, as you so called out the original poster for.
    To get back on topic though, I have transitioned from MadDogs to the MadDog 3.2, to Alpha Dog, Alpha Prime and now Ether C.  I am considering the Flow upgrade, but I am quite happy for the time being so not sure its worth the $900au when I could simply go buy another pair of cans to fill that need for a bit more bottom end sometimes.
    Dan has done an amazing job with these cans and I cannot wait to see what the Stats sound like.  But at the end of the day, it wont be for everyone.
  6. Delayeed
    Same here but with the 600s. They have better stage depth and dynamics but that's it. Ether Cs don't have the fatigue and grain and also the Cs extend lower, more detail, more neutral... That's not to say I don't like the 600s. I use them sometimes gaming and when I want that deeper more realistic soundstage. Having them both is a blessing :)
  7. ImNegan
    HD600 series grainy? Oh god I've heard it all now LOL
  8. Badas
    I think my counterfeit Beats is better than the 600, 650, Ether Flow and Utopia. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I think we should hijack the thread and talk about how awesome they are. [​IMG] 
  9. Badas

    You have one hell of a setup mate. [​IMG] 
    Any pics? Please?
  10. MattTCG
    The mjolnir 2 with a good set of NOS is really impressive. Still under 1k even after the tubes. Good synergy with both Flows. The Questyle dual mono stack does some really good work on the solild state side. 
    Other consideration on tube amps: Kenzie has great synergy. 
  11. Middy
    Oh happy xmass Ether thread.
    Had a nice boost to SQ WITH a balanced isolation transformer and a DC offset filter...Just want my Ethers back to review all these changes... In my simple terms..
  12. buke9
    tonal balance, cohesion, liquidity, treble smoothness and vocals goes to the 650 IMO. That was the quote! I really don't like the inference that I'm a Idiot if I don't agree with you. I will stop here as I have never referred to a fellow Head-Fi'er as a Idiot and will no longer take anything you say seriously.
  13. m8o

    I don't know how your HD650 is so magical. Congrats. Save your money and move on.

    I only have the Ether, not the Flow, yet. But the upgrade to the Flow is a given.

    The first second I listened to the Ether I was like, 'hmm, somewhat reminiscent to my HD650 in the mids.' But then they evolved over the break in period, drivers loosened up. And so much more of everything came out. And they eclipsed the HD650 by a wide margin. Especially the precision (hate the word but the kids call it micro-detail) brought on by a fast attack and decay. The melodies and harmonies have their own space. The HD650 otoh is 'slower'. Subtle short note meoldies can be masked by complex long tone harmonies. Makes for a nice 'tone salad'. But that precision isn't there. [Edit: I think the more accurate word to use would be 'resolving']

    I love the way Dan hears and tunes heaphones. The Flow is said to be better in every way by ears I trust. I'm gunna believe them, and upgrade. Personally I don't think they need any help with how to tune a hp. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read a post suggesting it. I certainly don't want treble rolled off in any way. I'd stop buying.
  14. zappazappazappa

    Not checked this thread for a couple of days and surprised to see your comment about the Ether Flows being way too harsh in the treble. I also own the original sennheiser HD800's - which I can see being described as bright if not used with equipment which compliments it's sound - but the Flow's have harsh treble?! I know if I switch from my smooth and rich sounding Oppo PM-1's to my  higher resolution HD800's they seem quite bright so I can only imagine that you experienced something similar?   In my set up: Oppo BDP-105D transport/Chord Hugo TT dac/Violectric V281 amp/balanced DUM headphone cable I find the Flow's to sound smooth and very well balanced. I used to own the 650's and they are a very nice sounding enjoyable headphone.I decided to move on from them as I felt that nice though they are they were not capable generating the highest levels of resolution from my CD's, which for me is the key to getting more musical enjoyment. For me the Flow's are the best balanced headphone I have used to date - high resolution of detail but very natural sounding. FWIW I have heard, admittedly at shows, most of the top rated headphones including Focal Utopia/Stax/HifiMan et al,and for the time being at least, the Flow's are my favourites.
       With regard to Schitt amps I have heard the Flow's being driven by the top of the line Ragnorak (but not the Jotenheim) with my QP1R player used as source and they sounded superb. In fact it was this combo that made me preorder the Flow's .
  15. Bambule
    Do you also listen to the flows solely with your QP1R? How's the sound then? Some impressions on this would be appreciated by me, as this could be my next open headphone
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